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How does Tigergaming’s Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 work?

Chico’s American Network management has taken considerable pains to restructure one of its perks aimed at recreational gamers. By losing with a full house, players at all stakes may now participate in Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0. Read our post to find out more about the new jackpot and all its features.

How much is the Chico Network’s version of the Bad Beat Jackpot?

The new winning pot.

On the Chico Network skins, the Bad Beat Jackpot has been played at normal tables starting with NL$100 for years. Two years ago, a separate Quick Poker Jackpot was introduced to it, however it is only played at NL$10. The original terms have been drastically altered.

The updated Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 is playable at Tigergaming, BetOnline, and SportsBetting as of March 1, 2023.

The key characteristics are:

Free-of-charge and open-to-all There are normal and Boost Hold’em cash tables available.

Each monetary cap has its own reward pool.

When a complete house of AAA22 results in a loss (previously it was from a four of twos).

At the very least, you’ll need four people to play.

Players must utilize both of their pocket cards in any combination.

In other words, the jackpot will now fall considerably more often, and players of all stakes may participate.

Raffles for money

Each limit is subject to a set deduction from a certain percentage of the total pot. The cap places restrictions on how big it can go.

If the total amount in the pot is less than the jackpot amount, no money will be taken out.

In order to make the given information reflect the actual size of the pot, it is rounded down. Hence, if there is a $47 pot on NL100, for instance, $0.80 will be deducted in order to pay out Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 awards.

Compensation Disbursement.

The prizes at the top of the deal are awarded as follows if any of the tables have completed the necessary play.

The deal’s loser gets 20% of any proceeds.

The successful party receives a 10% bonus.

10 percent to the other people at the table.

All players at BBJ-limit tables will get a 20% bonus.

To the next jackpot: 35%.

Room tax is 5% of the total.

You may ask our management anything you want to know about playing in these rooms.





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Who took home the trophy in the 2022 World Series of Poker Global Finals?

The 2022 Global Poker Awards took place on the first Friday of March at the PokerGO studio in Las Vegas, and it was attended by several of the industry’s most prominent figures. In this piece, we will discuss the 27 nominees who we felt were the most fascinating.

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOPC) Final Table

Most Valuable Player

As opposed to previous year, no one was able to take home three awards at once (two could take Ethan “Rampage” Yau: as the best vlogger and “Poker Personality of the Year”).

Among the initial nominees for “GPI Poker Player of the Year” were several relatively unknown Eastern hemisphere players who, according to The Hendon Mob, had the greatest outcomes in live events based on a predetermined set of criteria.

Stephen Song triumphed despite intense rivalry; ten other players were in the running for the position until the conclusion of the year. The young American won 43 times that year, for a total of $2,282,059. In December, he won the $1,100 WPT Premier Championship, beating out 5,430 competitors to take home $712,650.

In 2022, Cherish Andrews took in $758,513, more than double her previous career’s earnings. The majority of the sum came from three diprana totaling $78,045, $131,912, and $259,200. As for the most recent one, it was a WPT tournament for $10,000.

The Biggest Fail of the Year

Players who made their way into the top tier of the GPI Player of the Year rankings this year but who had not been eligible to do so in the previous three years were placed in this new category. Phil Ivey, the great poker player, won three times while playing in the highest stakes games and was the owner of this chip.

In Cyprus, a $75K Short Deck tournament at Triton Poker netted $1.2M.

Six hundred and forty thousand dollars for the $50,000 PGT Super High Roller Series Europe.

The $30K Short Deck tournament at the Triton Poker Club in Cyprus brought in $387K.

Top Card

Robbie Jade-Lew and Garrett Adelstein played a scandalous hand in which Jade-Lew called with jack high and won $130,000.

In the immediate aftermath of the hand, both poker players were accused of cheating and collaboration, which the Hustler Casino Live organizers investigated but could never establish.

The most formidable adversary.

Stephen Chidwick deservedly won the player vote and took home the trophy. The Englishman has switched to playing primarily in high-stakes events, and in 2022 he won the PokerGO Tour Player of the Year title. His opponents there felt his relentless might.

Throughout the previous 12 months, he has finished in the money at 42 separate events. He won about $3 million in two of the Triton Poker Series in Madrid.

Top Performance at the Final Table

In the final table of the $50,000 Poker Players Championship, one of the most prestigious mix events of the World Series, you must play flawlessly across many poker games. It’s quite unlikely that you could succeed twice in a row.

But, the winner of this category, Daniel Cates, was successful in doing just that.

Film of the Year

Hayley Hochstetler is the photographer for this. When Matt Glantz selected the envelope containing the largest prize from the $1K Million Dollar Bounty at the WSOP, Justin Lett was there to film the moment.

The million-dollar envelope, ironically, was stored in the first treasure box.


#Global Poker Awards

Carlos Ribeiro wins Day 4 of the Main Event at EPT Paris for Brazil.

The EPT Paris Main Event final table is coming closer to Brazilian player Carlos Ribeiro. After the conclusion of Day 3, he is one of the remaining 47 players. Following five 90-minute stages of ups and downs, the CL Poker Team member amassed 470,000 chips, or around 24 large blinds, the eighth-smallest stack in the event.

Carlos won a coin toss with barely minutes left on Day 3 to eliminate Atanas Malinov. With AQ against 1010, the Brazilian saw the board 3Q2Q3 and quadrupled his stack.

In contrast, Eduardo Silva was not spared by the deck and finished in 58th position. According to PokerNews coverage, the miner opened from the button and observed as Konstantin Held proclaimed a three-bet straight from the small blind. Once again taking action, Eduardo placed his stack of 40 bbs to the table’s middle. Afterwards, Held phoned and presented the AK. On the QK853 board, Eduardo stood little chance against the A4. He won a total of €18,650.

Gorki Oliveira, who was eliminated in 70th position, also departed the Hyatt Regency hotel with €18,650. Mateus Moraes was awarded €12,250 for finishing in 132nd position.

Held, Eduardo’s opponent, is next in line. He gained a comfortable 35-bet lead over his nearest opponent with 2,935,000 chips. Niklas Astedt (fifth, 1,795,000), Manig Loeser (seventh, 1,670,000), Arthur Conan (tenth, 1,550,000), Alex Kulev (twelfth, 1,475,000), Ben Heath (thirty-seventh, 515,000), and Teun Mulder (fortieth, 515,000) all advance (45th – 393,000).

The action resumes this coming Friday, the 24th, at 8:30am (Braslia) with a broadcast on the PokerStars Brasil YouTube account. The blinds and ante are 10,000/20,000 with BB. See the prizes at stake:

1. € 1.170.000

2. € 780.100

3. € 535.850

4. € 412.200

5. € 317.050

6. € 244.000

7. € 187.650

8. € 144.300

9. € 111.000

10-11. € 85.400

12-13. € 71.150

14-15. € 59.300

16-17. € 49.550

18-20. € 43.100

21-23. € 37.450

24-27. € 32.600

28-31. € 28.350

32-39. € 24.650

40-47. € 21.450

PGAT: Omaha, soccer tournament, and Day 1D of the Main Event

PGAT PANAMA There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

On Thursday, the PGAT Panama action resumes at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino with the fourth opening flight of the Main Event.

There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

The Poker Grand Adventure Tour (PGAT) 2023 continues with PokerBROS as the festival’s official sponsor. On Thursday, the on- and off-table action will continue.

Day 1D of the Main Event at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino in Panama City will continue the battle for the $1,200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Garcia was the chip leader on Day 1B of the PGAT Panama’s Main Event.

In addition, there will be an Omaha Battle with an additional $30,000 in guaranteed prize money, and a spectacular mini-soccer event will give entertainment outside the felt.

As if that weren’t enough, CodigoPoker is providing official coverage of the entire festival with liveblog in several of the tournaments and live stream in the most important ones, with Santi Gonzalez as the host, as well as the best notes and multimedia content so that you don’t miss a single detail.

On the official website of the PGAT Panama, the whole schedule, tournament structure, and general information may be found.

The PGAT program on Panama Day


Miniature soccer competition 14:00 – Main Event $1,200,000 Guaranteed – Day 1C

Buy-in: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Rebuy: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Blinds: 40 Minutes

Late registration: 10 levels

19:00 Omaha Battle – US$30K GTD

Buy-in: US$500 – 30,000pts

Rebuy: US$500 – 30,000pts

Blinds: 30 minutes

  • Late registration: 8 levels

Wagner Ripper finishes third in the EPT Paris FPS High Roller.

On Monday, judgments were made at the EPT Paris, and Brazil was once again in contention for the championships of the circuit’s tournaments. Two Brazilians reached the final table at the €2,200 buy-in FPS Paris High Roller, and Wagner Ripper from So Paulo finished on the podium.

Wagner, along with a few Brazilians who joined him on the Final Day, mastered the last stretch of the event and advanced far, finishing third out of 910 competitors. The award for his accomplishment was €136,050, the most amount he has ever received for a leisure activity.

Felipe Ketzer, a high-stakes poker player, finished second in the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Paris and earned career earnings.

Wagner was one of the most aggressive players at the final table and ascended with a low stack to almost the top of the chip count, causing him some difficulty. Yet, the Frenchman Mohamed Mokrani was unbeatable, defeating opponents one by one and without allowing the chip lead to diminish.

Ripper produced a double-up of TT versus AK in a four-handed game and almost killed Bulgarian pro Simeon Spasov. Later, in 3-handed play, Mokrani maintained pressure and left Wagner with a small stack. Mohamed pushed the Brazilian to go all in with KT and then called with A6. The board 63JQQ aided his opponent and ruined Ripper’s stellar tournament performance.

Celso Sirtoli, from Caxias do Sul, should also be included. Regular in the Brazilian circuits, he opted to try his luck in France for the first time and has already accomplished a wonderful performance with an eighth-place finish and €36,650 in prize money. This was Sirtoli’s first ITM in Europe, however he was eliminated after he went all-in before the flip with 55 against Mohamed Mokrani’s A4.

Event #7 of the PokerGo Tour was won by Punsri, although Negreanu scored a remarkable podium finish.

(Image supplied by

Punnat Punsri of Thailand won the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event as part of this series of high buy-in tournaments hosted at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. After defeating American Daniel Colpoys in heads-up play, the Asian player earned US$310,000 while his runner-up received US$201,000. With his US$124,000 victory, Canadian shark Daniel Negreanu crossed the US$50,000,000 milestone in his wins history.

Negreanu topped $50,000,000 in earnings during a tournament won by Punsri. Punsri won the event.

On Thursday, the winner of the $25,000 NLH tournament, event #7 of the PokerGo Tour stop at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, was determined. Punnat Punsri of Thailand won the championship trophy after defeating Daniel Colpoys of the United States in heads-up play. The Asian winner received $310,000, while the runner-up received $200,000.

The last member of the podium was the Canadian sensation Daniel Negreanu. The GGPoker ambassador earned US$124,000 for his third-place finish, which enabled him to surpass the US$50,000,000 lifetime milestone for live tournament wins. Kid Poker becomes the third player after Americans Justin Bonomo and Bryn Kenney to exceed this legendary figure.

With his third-place finish in this competition, Canadian Daniel Negreanu earned the distinction.

Daniel Negreanu

surpassed the US$50 million threshold in wins. (picture provided by PokerNews)

The tournament concluded with 31 entrants, resulting in a total prize fund of $775,000. The top five finishers received the following prizes:

Winner: Punnat Punnsri (Thailand) US$310.000 Second-place finisher: Daniel Colpoys (United States) US$201,000 Daniel Negreanu placed third (Canada) US$124.000 Fourth place: David Peters (United States), $85.5 Sam Soverel (United States), 205th, US$54,250

Concurrently with the defining of this event, Day 1 of Event #8 of the series, a US$50,000 NLH tournament with the largest buy-in at this PokerGo Cup stop, was played.

“Teedy” is the frontrunner in Suprema Brazil’s Battle HR.

Yesterday’s Suprema Brazil race was a must-see. On the Suprema Poker app’s feel, no player was more aggressive than “Teedy.” After defeating 537 opponents in the R$220 Battle HR 150K GTD, he secured the championship and a payout of R$30,808. “AlphaWhisky” and “PEOPLE” rounded out the podium, taking home R$15,074 and R$9,128 respectively.

In the R$ 550 HighS 100K GTD, “old guy” was the one who proclaimed victory. With the triumph, he added R$24,516 to his bankroll. This time, there were 158 participants in the competition. View the further results:

$15 Plus 50K GTD

1. “BellatrixXx” R$7,200

2. “Sandroloso” R$5,000

3. “Nankran03” R$3,475

Field: 3,677 submissions (1,416 unique) / Prize pool: $49,639

Have you ever used the Suprema Poker application?

Download today for iOS, Android, or Windows and begin playing immediately.

At PokerOK, you may modify your game alias.

Новогодний подарок от ПокерОК — до 7 января игроки могут сменить никнейм

For the New Year’s holiday, PokerOK provided its players a rather unique gift: the ability to alter their game’s moniker. Rarely is this an option, and just a few poker rooms let customers to alter their moniker once per specified time period.

A few clicks are required to modify your nickname on PokerOK. To do this, launch the poker software and go to “My game profile.” In the right portion of the window, you will see your existing game name and a field for entering a new one.

Simply input the appropriate moniker and confirm the modifications. A few seconds later, the name will be altered.

This will enable you to begin a “new profession” and blend in with tens of thousands of other poker players. The most important aspect of this function is that all opponent color notes and SmartHUD data will be kept. On monitoring sites such as SharkScope, however, a new user’s chart will begin from beginning.

On PokerOK, changing your nickname is optional, so players are free to preserve their previous moniker or discover a more interesting one. It may be modified until the 7th of January at 02:59 Moscow time.

ELO Ranking

The ELO Spin & Gold rating is a brand-new feature on PokerOK. It is a rating system that ranks players on the basis of their abilities and win rate, ignoring factors such as money and wins. Chess, table games, and cyber sports all employ a similar system.

The new option just displays the player’s ability level and has no effect on the game. In the poker room’s lobby, you may see your own rating as well as the status of other players. There are a total of seven rating levels, and the designation of Grand Master is conferred to the top 100 poker players in the TOP-100 Raking.

Ivan Leow, a Malaysian, died unexpectedly at the age of 39.

Occasionally, the deaths of notable poker players result in unfortunate occurrences in the poker community. However, these poker players are often of a certain age, but in a recent incident, a young player was affected.

Ivan Leow, a Malaysian poker player and Triton Poker ambassador, passed away suddenly at age 39. The player was a prominent member of the poker community and had been rewarding his followers with new cashes until lately.

He often enjoyed playing Short Dec in large high stakes tournaments. Early in April, he placed second in the Triton Cyprus #4 – $75,000 No-Limit Hold’em Short Deck event, winning $699,500.

The community was stunned by the news of his untimely death during the Triton Poker Cyprus Series games, in which Leow also played.

Dusty Schmidt, a former member of Team PokerStars Online, passed away at the age of 40.

Triton Poker organizers (Paul Foy and Richard Yong) canceled all events in the series and suspended the current Short Deck event due to the poker player’s untimely demise.

“Ivan was a highly popular Triton family member. In addition to being a devoted friend, he was kind, giving, and a lot of fun both at and away from the table. He was also an exceptional poker player who was devoted to the game. Ivan was a unique individual who enjoyed life to the fullest, was always smiling, and was a poker enthusiast. His family, friends, and those who had the pleasure of knowing him will miss him dearly “Foye and Yong said.

The reason of death of the teenage poker player is yet unknown. Over the course of his poker career, Leow has earned over $13,000,000 in live tournaments. In a $250,000 No Limit Hold’em – SHRB Europe Main Event, he earned his largest payout to date, $2,460,000, by finishing second. Numerous prominent high-stakes poker players have already expressed their condolences on social media mourning Leow’s passing.

Bromfman won the first Latino bracelet at the World Series of Poker in 2022.

Pedro Bromfman

With his victory in event #38 of the current World Series of Poker (WSOP), the US$10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship, the Brazilian Pedro Bromfman became the first Latin American to win a World Series tournament this summer. His win versus American Scott Seiver won him US$294,616 in prize money.

Bromfman gave the 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship a samba rhythm.

Sunday marked the conclusion of one of the most sought mixed game events of the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) schedule. Event #38 of this year’s World Series was the $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship. Pedro Bromfman, who is more known for his job in the music industry, dominated this version and finished up with all of the chips in play, claiming the first golden bracelet of his career and, incidentally, becoming the first Latin American to win a championship at this year’s WSOP.

Bromfman defeated Scott Seiver of the United States in heads-up play, earning him a resounding US$294,616 prize. His runner-up earned a payout of US$182,086 for coming in second place. Cary Katz, also from the home nation of the WSOP, received US$131,362 for finishing in third place. The fourth-place finisher was Canadian Alex Livingston, who earned US$96,104. The fifth-place finisher was the renowned Brazilian shark Yuri Dzivielevski, who, with a prize of US$71,315, completed a great balance for those from the country of the samba, in an event of a format in which it is not traditionally competed in the Latin American regional circuit.

The champion alternates his presence in the ring with his career as a composer and music producer, for which he has become well-known for works such as the elaboration of the soundtrack for the 2014 film Robocop and the television series Narcos, Elite Squad, and Elite Squad II, as well as the video game Max Payne 3. His most recent works include Panama Papers, Thumper, The Story of Us, Chain of Command, The Blackout, and Need for Speed: Heat. Far Cry 6, the most recent project in which the native of Rio de Janeiro contributed, was published by Ubisoft on October 7, 2021. This videogame’s soundtrack has been nominated for several international awards.

Yuri Dzivielevski

The tournament had 121 participants, creating a prize fund of $1,128,325 from which the top 19 finishers profited. We present the prizes for the competition’s top ten finishers, including the legendary Phil Hellmuth in ninth place (US$31,796):

Winner: Pedro Bromfman (Brazil) US$294.616

Runner up: Scott Seiver (United States) US$182,086

Cary Katz finished third (United States) US$131,362

Fourth place: Alex Livingston (Canada) $96,104

5th: Yuri Dzivielevski (Brazil) US$71,315

Farzad Bonyadi (United States) placed sixth with $53,687

7th: Eli Elezra (Israel) US$41,011

Andrew Kelsall (USA) placed eighth with $31,796.

United States’ Phil Hellmuth placed ninth with $31,796.

Dan Shak (United States) placed 10th and received $25,026.

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