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WSOP Brazil: Eduardo Dantas leads day one of high rollers

Eduardo Dantas ends Day 1 of WSOP Brazil High Roll...

The WSOP Brazil 2024 High Roller begins on Monday (18th) with 89 entries and a prize of R$10,000. Of these, 39 contestants successfully advanced to the next stage of the competition, with a prize of R$ 1,500,000.

Topping the list is player Eduardo Dantas from Insight Poker Team. He sits atop the leaderboard with 823,000 chips. In second place is Darci Fantin, a businessman from Curitiba who manages 778,000 chips.

Léo Rizzo Always aggressive, he racked up a huge stack in just a few minutes and ended the day with 699,000 in chips. Vito Hugo (466,000), Gabriel Moraes (390,000), Bruno Sugan (372,000), Eduardo Cunha (314,000), Luis Kamei (312,000), Marco S Cage (266,000), Ricardo Nakamura (265,000), Lincoln Furukawa (260,000), Ricardo Suuza (222,000), Daniel Aziz (213,000), Juliana Vidal (208,000) ), Bruno Forster (201,000) and Daniel Noronha (194,000) also competed.

Registration closes Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. possible. Day 2 begins at 1:00 PM with blinds valued at 2,000/4,000, with larger blinds. It is expected that multiple players will participate again and the prize pool for the winner will be very large.

Look at the chip count on the first day:

Player Chip Count City UF Country Table Position Eduardo De Matos Dantas 823,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Table 5 Position 5 Darci Mario Fantin 778,000 Curitiba Brazilian Table 6 Position 8 Leonardo Mendonca Rizzo 699,000 São Paulo Brazilian Table 5 Position 1 Vitor Hugo 466,000 Brazilian Table 3 Position 1 Gabriel Antonio Carvalho De Morais 390,000 Aracaju SE Brazil Table 5 Position 8 Bruno Seige Sueoka 372,000 Sp SP Brazil Table 4 Position 3 Eduardo Paul Cunha 314,000 Itajaí Santa Catarina Brazil Table 3 Position 4 Luis Henrique Shinike Kamei 312,000 Brazil Table 6 Position 5 Francisco Neto 303,000 Brazil Table 6 1st Marcos Henrique Neves da Silva 266,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Table 5 7th Ricardo Kaoru Nakamura 265,000 Londrina Paraná Brazil Table 2 8th Lincoln Jose De Souza Furukawa 260,000 Brazil Table 5 4 Lucas · Lucas Ahmad Silveira De Freitas 223,000 foz doiguaçupr Brazil table 2 position 2 Ricardo Vasconcelos Souza Souza 222,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil table 4 position 1 Daniel Marques Aziz Aziz 213,000 Brazil 213,000 Brazil Table 3rd Place 2 Daniel Victor Noronha De Melo 194,000 Brazil Table 2nd Place 5 Iago Savino Peixoto 193,000 Brazil Table 1st Place 5 Waldir Francisco Guerra 183,000 Balneario Camboriu SC Brazil Table 4th Place 2 Thiago Mitoshi Tsukamoto 174,000 Sao Paulo SP Brazilian Table 2 No. 7 Juan Sebastian Fonseca Chaves 146,000 Jaguariúna Sao Paulo Colombian Table 2 No. 6 Durval Lara Ribeiro 141,000 Coritiba PR Brazilian Table 2 No. 3 Jose Carlos Barbosa 136,000 Brazilian Table 4 No. 7 Ramon Pessoa Vasconcelos 133,000 Brazilian Table 3 No. 7 Andre De Oliveira Sa 125,000 Brazilian Table 6 2nd place Peter son Machado dos Rice 122,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Table 6 4th Ariel Silveira Celestino 112,000 Brazilian Table 3 6th place Gregory Direito Soares Fabios 109,000 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazilian Table 5 2nd place George El -khouri 108,000 Teresopolis Brazil Table 2 Position 1 Pablo Almeida De Menezes 107,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Table 1 Position 4 Rodrigo Leandro Cardoso Rodrigues Araujo 102,000 Brazil Table 1 Position 2 Isabella Maria Lemos Costa 101,000 Sao Paulo Brazil Table 5 Position 6 Paulo Henrique Joanello 87, 000 library Ritibarana Brazil 1 1 Rafael Santos Cardoso Freire 81,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4th place 4 Carlos Augusto Serrano Acevedo 80,000 Colombia Colombia Colombia 5th place Ronaldo Carreiro De Melo 75,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4th place 5 Ricardo Loyola De Souza 64,000 Brazil 4th place 8 Hanibaal El Saneh 59,000 Beirut LIB Lebanon Table 4 Position 6

Eduardo Dantas ends Day 1 of WSOP Brazil High Roll...

Victor Moratto wins PKO title at Suprema Poker on Sunday

Victor Moratto wins PKO title at Suprema Poker on...

The action at the Suprema table on Sunday the 7th is not to be missed. Grinder Victor “TE ROBEI –” Moratto goes into overdrive after shouting victory in Sunday’s R$300 PKO match. He finished first among 1,841 participants, adding a balance of R$81,608.

SeeYouInHell ran into trouble at the PLO5 table, however. In the R$ 800 OmaX HR event, he left 78 opponents in the dust to take home R$ 19,057.

In the R$ 150 Battle HR contest, “MakeUpEterno” won for R$ 17,503.

Other results

R$55 Supreminho S.E (2,116 entries)

Winner: “RauIMarin” R$16,153

R$ 550 HighS (144 entries)

Winner: “MeManoteo” R$ 10,791

R$ 75 Sunday Mystery (1,195 entries)

Winner: “bixiga” R$ 9,587

R$110 Warm-up (472 entries)

Winner: “zepelinn” R$ 7,583

R$15 Plus (1,633 entries)

Winner: “dhy Mendes ” R$ 6,436

R$ 150 Omax (185 entrants)

Winner: “SergioFarofa” R$4,601

Victor Moratto wins PKO title at Suprema Poker on...

Friday is a busy day at KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza

The High Roller One-Day Event is a new event on th...

Day three of KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza will be one of the busiest days on the schedule. The event offers attractions for all types of players, and to complete the good selection, a new feature will become part of the grid. This is the One Day High Roller, and it promises to attract very qualified entrants.

The one-day event includes a buy-in of R$6,000 and 25-minute blinds. HR has a one-day guarantee of up to R$250,000 and the game is scheduled to start at 3:00 PM. HR One Day will be broadcast on MundoTV screens as the tournament progresses and the final table is formed.

Another match that will air this Thursday is Progressive KO. Now, on its final day, the $2,500 BRL tournament returns with qualifiers that are sure to be very close. Regular play resumes at 2:00 p.m. Meanwhile, the main event of the series features another qualifier, Day 1B. The buy-in fee is R$3,000. The main event of Day 1C will also take place at 10 p.m.

One of the many highlights of Friday was the women’s event. The women’s exclusive tournament will take place today at 4 p.m. The buy-in for this women’s event is R$600, with a guaranteed prize pool of R$10,000. It’s worth noting that tournaments count towards points in the KSOP GGPoker Women’s Ranking.

View Friday’s full schedule:

Time Tournament Buy- in Guaranteed Blinds

13:00 Main Event Subs R$ 300 – 10 min 14 :00 Prog KO – Final Day – 30 minutes 14:00 Main Event – Day 1B R$ 3,000 – 60 minutes 15:00 High Roller Prog KO – One Day R$ 6,000 R$ 250,000 25 minutes 15:00 NLH – 6max R$ 1,000 R$ 50,000 R$ 20 minutes 16:00 Women’s event R$ 600 R$ 10,000 20 minutes 17:00 PLO R$ 1,500 R$ 50,000 20 minutes 19:00 Mega Deep R$ 2,000 R$ 80,000 R$ 80,000 20 minutes 22:00 Main Event – ​​Day 1C (Turbo) R$ 3,000 – 30 minutes 23:00 Single Re-entry Turbo R $1,000 R$30,000 15 minutes

The High Roller One-Day Event is a new event on th...

Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker Career Experience

Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker...

Managed YouTube channel Run it Once received their new employee Jason Koon’s first video for the school.

The third most award-winning Live Circuit player in school history, he chose as the subject of his audiovisual work all that he had learned during his eleven-year career to “increase my efficiency and avoid major Mistakes”, covering all areas involved in a professional life in poker: accounting, travel, strategy, etc…

The topics Koon discusses in his conversation to the camera are:

Strategy and pressure.

The most important thing when playing is your mood.

“I was in Jeju Island, slept for an hour, and by three o’clock…” I got a call that morning asking to play a game that was probably the most expensive game I’d ever played. I had trouble calculating my ante and ended up going all-in on a hand because I calculated the pot incorrectly.

If you’re in a hurry to get into the game, it’s even more worthwhile to “check in” a few minutes late, take the time to decompress and listen to a few songs to lift your mood. Do some exercise before playing. “

He is an advocate of a very specific self-help technique.

“Visualization, seeing yourself lifting a tournament trophy or winning a wad of cash. “A successful training session helps turn those goals into something tangible and achievable.”

Koon also emphasizes that goals in poker are usually long-term and that’s how you should achieve them .

“If you look back at the beginning of my career, it seemed like it took me years to win my first game. “A lot of that is due to luck. Of course, my game wasn’t as consistent as it is now, but compared to the level I played at and the fields I faced, I wasn’t bad at all. But poker isn’t always It’s the ones that pay off for you in the short term.

Ultimately, it’s the people who stay on track and succeed and avoid catastrophic mistakes. If you keep working and being passionate, eventually you will get results.

I’m often very critical of myself when things don’t go well, but one day I asked David Benefield how to do that. As he said, he was dealing with seven-figure swings that sometimes hit him in a single day. situation, he said he would keep going until the pain stopped.”

Travel and Finance

“I feel overwhelmed by all these people traveling, sometimes across multiple time zones and arriving on time for games. Give yourself some time to adjust and arrive early.”

Me Early Another mistake made is looking for tournaments and thinking, “Hey, look, a main event with a $2 million prize pool and I have to travel there and take the money with me. That’s not how you should approach travel.” >

You need to calculate your costs, the ROI of the festival and the number of hours you will put into it, and determine how profitable the trip will be before you go First plane to venue Time is precious.

For example, when it comes to move exchanges or prop bets at festivals, I have a WhatsApp conversation with myself and write down all the moves in that style. I pay someone a Rio chip and I write that Details and why, when I make a trade I keep all the details clearly, for example if the ball can be repurchased or if only one ball is exchanged. There’s nothing worse than thinking you hit a second pitch that you didn’t think was part of the deal and you win the game and end up in arbitration and you have to pay a portion of the bonus you didn’t expect. ”


“Be strict with yourself when it comes to planning and taking breaks. A guy like Erik Seidel has been playing drums for 40 years and he never lacks time to have lunch with his daughter or spend time with his wife. He’s not one of those 350-day-a-year A degenerate hanging out in the casino. This is not sustainable.

I had to take a break from the WSOP this year. I needed a few weeks to get some fresh air and come back ready for the upcoming tournaments More preparations. The holidays are left behindRespect

“My best early memories come from online battles with other players. They could be fewer, they could be friendlier, but in the end you have to remember that we are all the same and we all strive to be one. We Living by the game, we all suffer the same. That’s why we must respect each other.

For casual players, we must be like their host table, we are ambassadors for poker.

This doesn’t mean giving up your individuality, you just have to respect them.

Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker...

Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette make a weird all-in move on GGPoker

Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette find themselves in...

Two top Brazilian players were involved in an interesting action at the $32.10 Bounty King Jr final table on GGPoker on Monday. A misclick from Bernardo Sette gave Saymon Dias a good chance to steal the pot, but it turned out to be an all-in/call – and a bust.

Samba Poker Team’s Saymon entered the final table with the second-smallest stack of nine players. He held A3 on the button and bet six big blinds on the UTG player’s 3-bet raise, seeing Bernardo immediately respond by raising to nine big blinds. Based on how fast his opponent was moving, Saymon realized this was a click miss and he had a chance to go all-in to steal the pot.

It’s a good idea – that is, if Bernardo, who was the chip leader at the time and was doing pretty well at the time, without AKO, dominated Saymon in the showdown. Fortunately for the samba player, 3 came on the flop, preserving the KSOP GGPoker South American Main Event title and cutting the stack.

Bernardo himself scoffed at the situation: “When you start tanking, I say, ‘I’m pretty sure he’s going to go all-in.’ “A few hands later, Saymon held AA on the button and was called by Bernardo, who had a small stack. On the flop of 873, both players checked; on the turn of 5, Saymon bet and Samba The team player called; the river showed a 6, Bernardo bet again, and his opponent called. With KK, Bernardo lost more chips at the final table.

South American KSOP GGPoker Champion, platform nickname ” SpreadingLove”, dropped to sixth place and earned $1,713; on the other hand, the samba player dropped to third place and earned $2,915.

Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette find themselves in...

Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Super Circuit 5 FT

Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Su...

After winning the Sunday Million, Emmanuel de Sousa is just a few eliminations away from winning another major online tournament, the GGMasters High Roller. In the frozen version of the WSOP Super Circuit, the grinder failed in 4-hand mode. In total, he won $94,831.

Emanuel was close to the front-runner early in the Financial Times. He went all-in preflop when he busted with A♥A♣ against compatriot Emanuel Oliveira, who held A?K♠. The board of 7\6\7\9♣8♠ did not surprise Emmanuel and he won the pot. Meanwhile, Emanuel finished ninth, earning $22,487.

At the next level, Vinícius “vng” Gonçalves was also eliminated. Holding A♦Q♣, he raised to 420,000, leaving only 228,792. “Hey Guy” then called and saw a flop of 9♥5♠6♥. Vinicius declared all-in and was called again. With A♥A♣, “Hey Guy” went all-in on the 7♥ on the turn and 4♣ on the river. Vinícius was eliminated in eighth place for $29,988.

Looking for another valuable wage jump, Emmanuel “Hey Guy” went all-in and saw the Austrian call with A♣7♣. Holding A♠10♣, the Brazilian faced a 4♠5♥4CheckJ♥K♥ hand and had to split the pot with his opponent.

“Hey Guy” didn’t stop there and made a move to double his chips against Emanuel. With all the finalists so close, three of them offered trades, but “4StrongManANIP” was undeterred.

In the lead pot, Emmanuel also ran into AA and lost his chips. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 80,000/160,000, the ante was 20,000, and Emmanuel raised to 320,000 straight from UTG. To his left, “Hey Guy” has grown to 800,000. Making another move, Emmanuel pushed his stack of 3,747,121 into the middle of the table. “Hey guy” called the Instacall and reported A♣A♠. With 9♥9♣, Emmanuel had no chance at the J 10♣2♥6♥8♣ table.

Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Su...

Rodrigo Selouan makes $5,200 Titans third

Rodrigo Selouan makes $5,200 Titans third

The bar was once again an obstacle for Rodrigo Selouan in the $5,200 Titans game. He finished second twice, bowed out after three hands, and earned his third bronze medal in the PokerStars Best High Roller event. Drivers with account “SELOUAN1991” won a total of $46,182.

Also in the final is Brazilian Rodrigo Seiji, the Titans record holder. When he was eliminated in eighth place, he won $10,886.

In another PokerStars High Roller event, the $1,050 Sunday Warm-up (8-max), “seijistar” won $10,174 after going heads-up.

At the GGPoker tables, the stars of 9tales competed in Sunday’s $1,050 Main Event. Pedro Garagnani (9th) and Pablo Brito (7th) were eliminated quickly, taking home $7,855 and $13,969 respectively.

Rodrigo Selouan makes $5,200 Titans third

Listen to Manuel Ledesma’s 256th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

Listen to Manuel Ledesma's 256th MarcaPoker Show P...

MarcaPoker gained 256 yesterday. Broadcaston Radio Marca, thanks to sponsors David Luzago and Winamax.

David Check At a half hour show it was as always very entertaining.

We don’t reveal content; we only provide a Table of Contents:

David Luzago’s own news summary.

A conversation with Manuel Ledesma, winner of Spain’s first major tournament of the year, 888 Live Poker Madrid.

Fernando Albarra launches the new video podcast “Junta Urgente”, where he co-hosts “Bokesponja” with Iñaki Solé.

Links with the Gran Via Casino season, the launch of WiPT and the Juegging Poker Series.

Listen to Manuel Ledesma's 256th MarcaPoker Show P...

March Millions Comes to KKPoker, GTD Hits $2 Million

March Millions Comes to KKPoker, GTD Hits $2 Milli...

March will bring a lot of great success to KKPoker. The platform will pay out at least $2 million in the March Million over 16 days.

KKPoker’s first multi-million dollar series will include 15 special tournaments. Buy-ins start at $2 and go up to $1,000, with a maximum guaranteed amount of $300,000.

KKPoker welcomes players of all skill levels, including those still building credit. The Kickstart Freeroll will offer seats to the $200,000 GTD Championship from March 2-9.

In addition to the cash prize, the festival champion will also receive a Medal of Honor from KKPoker at home. They also have the opportunity to show off their honors while grinding on the site.

The overall winner will receive a 24-carat KKPoker gold coin.

March Millions Comes to KKPoker, GTD Hits $2 Milli...

CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Championship

CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Cha...

The 17th season of the Spanish Poker Championship is about to kick off with CEP Barcelona, which will be held from February 29 to March 10 at Casino Barcelona. This will be the first date of the year, with five stops promising plenty of action, with two stops in Barcelona certainly standing out.

Barcelona Casino General Is attracting a large number of players, especially in the month of August,CEP is held from the 14th to the 25th from August. Organized in conjunction with EPT Barcelonathis ensures an influx of the public that goes beyond the Iberian borders and discovers a field full of foreigners.

Casino Barcelona in all its glory.

This is what CEP 2024 will look like

Presented by PokerStars, Spain’s top poker circuit will return after the most crowded year in its history last year, with a total of 6,206 entrants in the Main Event. In addition to consolidating CEP Barcelona in August 2023 as the biggest stage in the circuit’s history Between EPT and ESPT.

CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Cha...

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