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A Brazilian footballer has been praised by Fintan Hand.

Watch this popular video from Fintan Hand about th...

The name Fintan Hand will be familiar to any poker fan who occasionally follows the game. The PokerStars streamer is often mentioned in the media for his extensive production of poker-related material; but he is also known for providing advice on a variety of other topics.

For example, he is the undisputed king of memes and constantly draws wild analogies between the poker scene and the poker scene. Other topics. Last week, “easywithaces” (his PokerStars name) had another viral hit on his TikTok page, which currently has over 90,000 followers. He has prepared a video in which he praises one of Brazil’s most outstanding football players in recent years since he became a fan.

Rogério Ceni is one of them. The greatest icon (according to some, the greatest icon in São Paulo history), the Irishman praised the goalkeeper throughout his career in a video over two minutes long, comparing him to Brazilian football giant Ronaldo Dinho, Zico, Pele and others have been compared.

To better understand those who don’t know Rogério Ceni, Fintan Hand has put together a list of Career overview. Rogério, the best goalkeeper in the world with 129 goals and current club coach, has made history. The video shows 59 goals from free kicks, 61 goals from penalties and 1 goal from regular shots

The goalkeeper played 25 times and 1,197 games for Sao Paulo, during which time he won many major tournaments such as the Brazilian Championship, Copa Libertadores and World Cup. and individual awards. In 2002, he won the World Cup with the Brazilian national team as the backup goalkeeper for Marcos and Dida.

In the video, Fintan Hand emphasized that this One thing should be clear to everyone, Rogelio is a legendary player. No doubt much of his international audience will now be aware of the former player’s achievements.

Watch this popular video from Fintan Hand about th...

‘HIGHVOLTAGE’ beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

'HIGHVOLTAGE' beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

Every player knows that Wednesday’s Suprema tournament is just as busy as Sunday’s straight tournament. KOSS’s dominance in the world’s top leagues makes the competition even more tense.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” defeated 2,085 entries in Event 126: $550 No Limit Hold’em High Roller to win $138,156.

On the other hand, “FcGorgota” won $3,000 NL Hold’em High Roller Tournament or Event139. He won R$ 92,841 after 152 other players took part.

May I introduce you to the other winners:

Mysterious NL Hold’em Tournament worth R$150 (1,141 entrants)

Prize: 19,606 R$ (I will pay)

$750 PL Omaha 5 Card Event #13​​​0 (140 entrants)

Tempranillo. R$ 28,154

$80 NL Hold’em Mystery Event is a Activity 123. (882 entrants)

JooDaBr0ca, you won R$7,920.

'HIGHVOLTAGE' beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

In the results of the first Triton London event, Juan Pardo made the final table and Roberto Perez took the cash.

In the results of the first Triton London event, J...

The Spanish player made his debut in the Triton London Series with plenty of appeal for high rollers.

GGPoker Live Millions 25k $ Going into day two, there is an excess of players relative to the prizes involved. Roberto Perez and Juan Pardo outperformed the bubble and took advantage of it to make money.

The cash specialist turned a profit on his Triton debut and weathered the storm. The price went up twice before settling on 19. Placement ($48,600).

Malaka went one step further in the competition and managed to appear in the first photo of the finalists won at this festival.

The stakes are high and so is the adrenaline level of the player. 📈 These players are ready for the final showdown at the live final table of Event #1 $25k GG Million$. 🔥

🇩🇪Manuel Zapf, 🇨🇦Lucas Greenwood, 🇬🇧@SquidPoker, 🇧🇷Pablo Brito Silva, 🇩🇰@ hhecklen, 🇬🇧 Oliver Bissell, 🇲🇾…

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) July 28, 2023

Juan started the last event short-stacked with 20bb, but since there are six players under 30bb, you can expect anything. The Malaga player was quickly dropped from the group. In the first hand he played, he lost a raise and a follow-on flush, and in the second hand, he suffered a loss with a 3-bet of AJ and a 4-bet with KK from Bithell fold.

Juan saved 7bb worth thousands of dollars and Malaka doubled up in the big blind and then repeated it on a flop with Hecklen.

Although the rewards are generous, they are not out. . Almost every hand has AK, KK or Broadway combinations, but there are also plenty of disciplined folds. In the end, Sam Grafton lost to Hecklen in a JJ

The Spaniard ended up disbelieving the 3-bet streak at the table and resisted chip leader Manuel Zapf with A5, but the German held JJ (8th) , $109,800). Juan also gets his first money in Triton.

Zapf, an avid traveler on the European circuit with multiple tournament appearances over the past decade, used every resource his massive chip stack had to offer to control the game and hit the target HU, but The only non-Triton Series rider on the podium was Lucas Greenwood, who took the victory.

Purchase for Event #2 is the same as Live Million $, allowing festival participation to be estimated even without online qualifiers.

Entries reached 120. For the Hispanics, Roberto Perez and Ignacio Moron repeated the game, but this time neither of them made it to Day 2.

Today’s rematch will be especially exciting due to the 27 survivors Only one Seth Davies in the tournament reached 40bb and did not exceed too much.

In the results of the first Triton London event, J...

Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ketzer win

Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ke...

The bar has been raised! Even a $1,000,000 prize pool won’t guarantee a place in the top ten of Brazil’s online MTT following Felipe Ketzer’s stellar performance at The Venom. In another fantastic ACR Poker Main Event, the Rio Grande do Sul man won $1,146,260, the country’s top prize money for 2023.

Prior to Ketzer’s historic victory, 10 other Brazilians also won seven-figure MTTs on PokerStars, GGPoker and ACR Poker. Check them out:

2019 WSOP Online Main Event

Edson Tsutsumi Jr. (2nd) $1,907,035

WSOP Millionaire Maker 2021

Eduardo Pires (1st Place) $1,384,013

2020 Anniversary Millionaire

Alex Brito (1st place) $1,192,806

2019 WCOOP Main Event

Danilo Demétrio (2nd place) – $1,187,553

The Venom 2023

Felipe Ketzer (2nd place) $1,146,260

The Venom 2021

Ramon Kropmanns (1st place) $1,113,330

WSOP Millionaire Maker 2020

Caio Almeida (2nd) $1,072,428

Venom 2019

Rafael Moraes (First Place) $1,050,559

Venom 2019

João Simão (First Place) $1,039,982

Main Event High SCOOP 2023

Felipe Boianovsky (1st Place) $1,036,199

2023 Anniversary Sunday Million

Ricardo Nagatomo (1st place) $1,000,000

In addition to his stellar performances in major tournaments, the Brazilian has also been involved in some millionaire promotions. In the 2015 season, Samara Brito and Marcus Antunes earned $1,000,000 just 13 days after winning the Spin & Spa Grand Prix. Go on PokerStars. Seven years later, the “Uber Celta” has even better luck on GGPoker. He also won a cash prize of $1,000,000.

Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ke...

Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets stay at home at 2023 WSOP

Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets sta...

The penultimate day of the 54th World Series Main Event took place this Sunday, with three podium finishers The number of members from the competition has been defined. Steven Jones initially had the upper hand in the three-handed game that began Monday afternoon thanks to a 238,000,000 chip stack in the previous hand. Daniel Weinman is next with 199,000,000,000 points and Adam Walton with 165,500,000 points, and he has every chance of making a comeback to win the $12,100,000 and order reserved for the champion. The coveted gold bracelet. Each of them has an expected income of at least $4,000,000.

Maceiras took the Hispanic title at the World Series of Poker and finished a respectable eighth.

Not since John Cynn After winning the title, the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will feature an American as the shining champion of the Main Event. In fact, after the penultimate race of this Sunday’s marathon, the three members of the podium will be representatives of the host country of the World Series. This was determined by the elimination of German Jan-Peter Jachtmann, who 3-bet KQ for the last 27 big blinds he had over 4 hands. Adam Walton, who made the move on the first raise, didn’t need to think twice before calling with his pair of aces. The cards didn’t help the German player, who fell to the Seattle player with 165,500,000 in chips, the shortest of the three players in the Successor Showdown. Norway’s Espen Jorstad recently won the Most Popular Tournament in the Intellectual Discipline Classic.

Steven Jones leads the chip count ahead of the start of the WSOP 2023 final day of the Main Event.

The new World Championship of Poker will begin at 12:00 noon Las Vegas time. If time goes on, the advantage will go to Steven Jones thanks to his 238,000,000 chip win on Sunday. His partner is Daniel Weinman, and he brings a $199,000,000 bankroll to the conference that will attract the attention of poker fans around the world. These differences aren’t that big when you measure stack sizes in terms of blinds. Jones has a stack equivalent to 119 required majors, while Weinman has 100 and Walton has 83. Stakes are 1,000,000/2,000,000 with a 2,000,000 ante; therefore, count control may change with the first significant pot in this 3-handed tournament.

Each podium finisher is guaranteed at least $4,000,000, but all three will be on the lookout for $12,100,000, which, along with the summer’s most coveted bracelet, will Reserved as loot for whoever has all the chips. This is the highest value prize awarded to the winner of the 54th $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship. It is understood that this WSOPMain Event broke the record number of participants with 10,043 registrations. Due to the large number of participants, the prize pool is as high as US$99,399,900, which is unbelievable. Participants were reduced to 1,057. Here are the prize pools for this three-handed WSOP 2023 Event #76 tournament:

1st place: $12,100,0002nd place : $6,500,000Third place: $4,000,000.

2022: Espen Jorstad(Norway) $10,000,0002021: Koray Aldemir(Germany) $8,000,0002020: Damian Salas(Argentina) $1,550,969 + $1,000,000 *. 2019: Hossein Ensan (Iran/Germany) $10,000.0002018: John Cynn (USA) $8,800,0002017: Scott Blumstein (USA) US$8,150,000US$2016: Qui Nguyen (USA) US$8,005,$3102015: Joe McKeehen (USA) $7,683,3462014: Martin Jacobson (Sweden) $10,000,0002013: Ryann Riess (USA) $8,361,570

* Salas won the atypical version of the 2020 World Series of Poker. Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic that has contributed to the spread of Covid-19, the Argentine had to win in a mixed version of the tournament, where he first won the non-American Players Championship and then played against North America in the so-called heads-up, interspersed World Cup. National Champion Joseph Herbert vs. To win the bracelet in this tumultuous 2020, Damian overcame a complex online stage before reaching the final of the international stage of the Rozvadov event and Eventually met Herbert in Las Vegas.

Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets sta...

Eduardo Pires leaves WSOP Circuit Midnight Madness HR

Eduardo Pires leaves WSOP Circuit Midnight Madness...

Thursday 20th, Team Brazil shines at the WSOP Summer Circuit. Eduardo Pires leads the national team to the podium in the $1,500 Midnight Madness HR competition. After defeating 15 opponents, he added $14,745 to his bankroll.

Luís Rocha is also excellent. In Thursday’s $150 Throwdown [bounty], the “LuisRRRR” account owner came within one elimination of the winner and won $12,634. In the same tournament, Victor Hugo “DoBronx99” Bonifácio (third place) and “Whoisgod” (fifth place) earned $8,384 and $7,412, respectively.

In the $1,050 PLO Bounty Main Event HR, Geraldo “UmReiNoRiver” César took home the gold medal and $12,134 in prize money.

Thursday’s Throwdown HR [bounty] amounted to $1,050 and Nello Neto won the 5-hand event for $11,425.

“YouHaveGhost,” while he was in the $55 $50 stack, outlasted 1,254 players to take home the $8,518 prize. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC Series: $77 LUCKY SEVENS Superstack Turbo “rgoettems”2. $8,144 WSOPC Series: $54 Bounty Hunter Summer Edition “PILOT_T”3. $7.987wsopc Series: $15 Mini Throw Thursday [Bounty] “Nopelo” 1st $7.425ggmasters Classic $25 “Carlos Guariso” 1st $5.636 Bounty Hunter Big Game $21.60 “Teagotigela” 1st $5.456wsopc Series : $150 PLO BOON Main Event “Reebaraio” 1st Place $5.231wsopc Series: $200 Daily 6-Max “PartOfTheGame” 2nd Place $5,098

Eduardo Pires leaves WSOP Circuit Midnight Madness...

Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning the Battle Royale at Winamax

Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning th...

Yesterday, the Regular Championship and the final, WSOP Mini Championship Tournament were the focus of Winamax. fres .

Tuesday, 235-digit grand prize tournaments were organized in France and distributed€502,000prize.

In 3 competitions, the winners received prizes worth more than 6,000 Euros.

  • Recebaaaa” won the Battle Royale worth 200 Euros and took home the biggest prize of the day: 7 Euro,675. 14.
  • BonSommeil” conquered the 50€ Prime Time and received 6€, 334. 09.
  • quepassahoy” won 6€,945,87HighRoller.

WSOP Champions Tournament Mini Freeroll featured 85 players and ended with victory for “JopenJardoev” and won €2,975.

In terms of prize pools, 6 races surpassed the €30,000 jackpot:

  • Mystery KO €50 (€31,000).
  • Battle Royale (€39,000).
  • After get off work (€38,000).
  • Mystery KO10€ (€34,000).
  • Golden Hour (€51,000).
  • High Roller (€33,000).

A new day of regular tournament awaits us today.

Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning th...

Poker Legend Barbara Enright Enters WSOP FT at 73

Poker Legend Barbara Enright Enters WSOP FT at 73

Nearly 30 years after her last WSOP title, Barbara Enright is back in the running for the coveted bracelet. In the final week of the 54th installment of the series, she entered Event 91: the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. segment. The California player was eliminated in four hands for $62,783.

Barbara is a pioneer in WSOP history. In 1995, she became the first woman to reach the final table of a Main Event, a feat that has not been repeated to this day. The following season, Barbara shouted in Event 19: US$2,500 PL Hold’em, winning the first women’s bracelet in history.

Barbara is approaching her 74th birthday and sees herself against 91 in a tournament full of stars, including Calvin Anderson, “cal42688”. A Hall of Fame opponent, he had almost 75 percent of the chips in three hands. Despite his comfortable lead, the Grinder missed the heads-up. In total, Anderson earned $89,169.

The tiebreaker requires an extra stage. Ryan Miller returned to victory after being eliminated from the Event 63: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better tournament. While winning $208,466, runner-up Leonard August added $128,835 to his bankroll.

Poker Legend Barbara Enright Enters WSOP FT at 73

This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by ACR Poker

This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by A...

Just a few days. That’s all for the new Journey to Enjoy Poker coming soon. The ACR Poker Festival kicks off this Saturday, ending the wait and kicking off one of the best festivals in the region.

July 22-29 will take part in a series that made its mark in February, but will now continue with the continuity of its traditional tournament.

Mathías Duarte, the last winner enjoying a poker tour.

First there will be a Turbo, 50k GTd, which will be the novelty of the series. The tournament kicks off at 1pm with a $550 buy-in and $50,000 in guaranteed prize money.

The main course also has two qualifiers: High Roller, $300,000 GTD. The competition will start at 18:00 on Sunday 23rd. Late registration will continue until the start of Day 2, Monday the 24th at 12:00 noon.

The $1,100 Main Event will take place on Tuesday the 25th. On the same day, Days 1A and B are performed, while on the 26th two other days are performed: 1C and 1D.

All survivors will advance to Day 2 on the 27th. Here matches will be played until 24 players remain. These participants will battle it out for a final table seat on July 28, with a definitional event taking place on July 29, when the July Grand Champion will be announced.

On this final day, Mystery Bounty will also complete a tournament that will be played over multiple Enjoy Poker Tour The initial phase.

This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by A...

He wrote to his competitors urging them to join ITM

He wrote to his competitors urging them to join IT...

Incredible and amazing! Xiangchen Gao, a WSOP Main Event competitor, becomes the subject of one of the wildest and most bizarre stories in the series to date. Going into Day 4 of the tournament with just 3 big blinds, Gao devised an unusual method to increase his chances of winning the $15,000 minimum cash prize.

Gao is on his way to the cashier to claim his long-awaited WSOP Main Event mincash.

In order to attract the opponent’s attention, at the poker table, Chinese players handed them a handwritten letter. In it, Gao shares some of his story and reveals that he traveled all the way from China in hopes of winning money at the prestigious WSOP tournament. Astonishingly, he announced that the prize money would also go towards a dream honeymoon with his beloved bride and improve his chances of getting into a US university.

He wrote to his competitors urging them to join IT...

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