RedStar Poker’s Top Playing Characteristics

The amount of action in poker rooms spikes in early November, compared to the slower summer months. In this post, we’ll go over the traffic quirks that RedStar Poker players, both during peak hours and off-peak times, need to be aware of.

RedStar Poker: the most popular poker site in the world

Typical Traits

We investigated the rise of the iPoker network and attempted to identify its causes at the start of this year. Now that traffic numbers are at their peak, it’s a good opportunity to learn the ins and outs of local traffic patterns that will benefit gamers year-round. This includes learning how its skins disperse nighttime gaming activity.

Regular 6-max Hold’em tables provide about 75% of the play on RedStar Poker. The best time to catch them is between 22:00 and 24:00 MSK.

Our analysis of Friday lobby activity shows that there are more tables with three or more players engaged there than on any other day.

We’ll analyze the presentation forms used in this space, including the tables and their constraints.


Although full-ring games with fixed-limit and pot-limit betting structures are technically available via the RedStar client, in practice, the number of active tables seldom exceeds two.

At peak times, the following traits characterize 6-max NLH play:

The percentage of hands played at NL10 vs NL50 restrictions is within a range of 25%.

As compared to the bigger stakes games, the micro-limits are not very well attended.

The allure of NL100 is often no more than two times that of NL4. In other roums, the gap often does not decrease below this barrier but rather maintains a degree of superiority that is three to four times that of the cheapest limit.

The three NL200-600 limits get almost the same amount of action.

Short length and a wide variation in the number of active tables with the same stakes over a short time period define play at NL1K and the new higher limits.


A little more than 20% of the players in the room play Omaha poker, and Omaha is more popular than Hold’em at all stake levels up to and including PLO200.

Yet, even in November, more than 10 tables on each of them are seldom assembled, so Omaha players at RedStar Poker have to either mix and match limits or multiroute throughout the seasonal traffic fall.

In the autumn, PLO50 is the limit that sees the most action.

Several others.

Three other poker variants have some data gathered.

Rapid Poker (Speed). By 10pm, only NL5 is playable, attracting 40-50 players. The brand-new NL20–100 range has no restrictions set.

Shortdeck. There are always three or four tables that solely play NL4 all night long. There may be as many as ten NL20-50 tables open towards midnight.

“Tables with Heads Up” Often, there are 4-5 active tables “spread out” among 5 limits, ranging from NL20 to NL600.

In the warmer months, competition in these areas essentially disappears.

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