Bruno Volkmann lays heavy on Monday Super HR

Bruno Volkmann, a poker prodigy, had a hectic day on Monday, the 20th. After his exit from the Super Million$, he won another significant prize on the GGPoker felts. The former world number one finished sixth in the $10,300 Monday Super HR and collected $46,900.

Rafael Furlanetto, on the other hand, announced his victory in the $150 Monday Monster Stack with a victory shout. The owner of the riskgambler account gained $20,409 after defeating 1,236 opponents.

TheTeam participant did not stop there. Rafael placed fifth out of 612 players in the $250 Spring Classic and added $6,904 to his bankroll.

Soon later, during heads-up play in the $215 Monday Showers Bounty Turbo, Lucas Rocha was eliminated. The Samba Team member received a total of $12,836.

Also receiving a five-figure reward was “Duzao.” In the $54 Bounty Hunters Spring Edition, he placed second and won $12,840.

Pedro Madeira defeated 157 competitors to win $6,475 in the $215 PLO Bounty Big Dance. Later, in the $1,050 Monday Monster Stack HR tournament, the ace from Belo Horizonte won $6,443 for placing ninth.

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  • The text highlights the achievements of various poker players in different tournaments, showcasing their winnings and positions. It appears that Bruno Volkmann had a successful day, finishing sixth in a tournament and collecting a significant prize. Other players like Rafael Furlanetto, Lucas Rocha, and Pedro Madeira also performed well and earned substantial rewards in their respective tournaments.

  • This text highlights the achievements of several poker players, including Bruno Volkmann and Rafael Furlanetto, who won significant prizes in various tournaments. It also mentions other players like Lucas Rocha, Duzao, and Pedro Madeira who also had successful tournament results and earned substantial rewards.

  • The text highlights the success of several poker players in various tournaments, with notable wins and cash prizes. Bruno Volkmann and Rafael Furlanetto achieved significant victories, along with other participants receiving notable rewards for their performances.

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