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WSOP 2023: from the Main Event to the latest Las Vegas headlines

Las Vegas WORLD SERIES OF POKERWSOP 2023: from the Main Event to the latest breaking news

The World Series, which will include 95 official events and 27 online wristbands this year, is rapidly approaching. The poker game is all set.

It is becoming nearer and nearer. The 54th edition of the WSOP 2023 will begin at the end of May, and not only is the entire calendar of events now available, which includes some fascinating surprises, but it is also time to begin making travel arrangements to Las Vegas.

This year, the World Series of Poker will be held in its original venue, the Horseshoe, on the Strip. The tables are expected to be active from 30 May to 18 July, with 95 formal events and 27 online wristbands also being distributed.

The WSOP 2023 is rapidly approaching.

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This year, they seek to exceed the 2022 tournament, which included 197,626 participants and a record prize fund of $347,9 million. Due to the 608 tables that will be stretched over more than 200,000 square feet throughout the next summer, the WSOP will have the biggest capacity in its history.

“Given the momentum produced by the WSOP’s debut on the Las Vegas Strip last year, we anticipate setting a new record at the Horseshoe in 2023,” said Ty Stewart, WSOP vice president and executive director, in a statement.

The 2023 WSOP schedule

The Gladiators of Poker, which has a $300 buy-in and a $3,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, will be one of the most significant new additions to this season. The Mystery Millions will also be played with a buy-in of $1,000 and potential payouts of $1 million.

The US$10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship, also known as the Main Event, will be contested between July 3 and July 17 with the goal of exceeding the 8,663 entrants of the previous edition, which was the second most in the history of the brand.

Below is the whole schedule.

With Main Event Mania, additional tables, the first-ever $300 Bracelet Event, and an epic 2023 WSOP program planned, this is your year to make history. Look out all the information listed below



February 2, 2023 – WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP)

This is the year to be a part of history, with Main Event Mania, even more tables, the first US$300 bracelet event, and an amazing program for the 2023 WSOP.

Garrett Adelstein fue baneado del Hustler Casino Live | CodigoPoker

Forbidden from performing at Hustler Casino Live, Garrett Adelstein

Due to a business choice, the show’s most adored player will be sidelined permanently. Irony was Garrett’s response.

In order to keep Garrett Adelstein out of Hustler Casino Live

The poker industry is still in uproar over the exclusion of Garrett Adelstein, the show’s most popular participant, from future competitions. Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman, the team’s co-owners, made the call after GMan accused Robbi Jade Lew of cheating in September.

Robbi Jade Lew did not cheat, as proven by an exhaustive examination.

The suspension has been described as “indefinite,” although Vertucci has not ruled out Adelstein’s comeback in the future. Nevertheless, he won’t be making an appearance in the $1 million buy-in special that will be recorded in May.

Adelstein, Vertucci, and Feldman’s rapport has been generally cordial; nevertheless, Lew’s alleged adultery has strained their friendship. Vertucci suggested pairing Lew and Adelstein in an episode, but Feldman declined.

According to Vertucci, the Adelstein ban was made for commercial reasons and nobody has anything against him. As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the proprietors of Hustler Casino Live place a premium on the fairness of their games.

In reaction to Vertucci’s remarks on the Nick Vertucci Show, Adelstein tweeted his thoughts. His ironic retort betrays his displeasure with what was stated.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was forced to stop watching poker broadcasts for the last six months. Yet in the meanwhile, my life has been really fulfilling. Be thirsty and keep using my name for clicks till I decide to go on a stream I trust. I’m here to assist you:

March 20, 2023 – Garrett Adelstein (@GmanPoker)

The last six months have been some of the happiest of my life, but that’s because I’ve chosen to avoid all poker broadcasts rather than the other way around. I may still hop on a broadcast I trust, but until then, keep using my name for clicks, and I’ll help you quench your thirst.

When asked by the PokerNews website for comment on his statements, Adelstein responded with “nothing to offer.”

Adelstein had 53 appearances on Hustler Casino Live until the dispute with the player on September 29, 2022. He has reportedly earned over $1.5 million on the program, according to

For the second time, Nikita Bodiakovsky has taken home the EPT Super High Roller trophy.

Nikita Bodiakovsky has often been victorious in the world’s most prestigious poker events. Two years and four years after the first victory, on August 16, 2022, the €100,000 Super High Roller tournament at EPT Barcelona was won. Find out how a Belarusian ended up with a check for €1,979,220 here.

Global Top 10

While there aren’t many opportunities to participate in high-stakes poker tournaments, the world’s most prominent players can always be found at the tables of online and live high roller events. That’s why consistent success requires not only a passing interest in the game, but also an understanding of the tactics involved.

Everybody even somewhat interested in poker in Belarus has heard of one of them since he is universally recognized as the finest player in the country. This player upped his game today:

Late in the night of August 16, 2022, Nikita Bodiakovsky won the EPT Super High Roller in Barcelona, earning himself the largest sum of money he has seen so far that year. The winner received €1,979,220 for their efforts.

Nikita has already won twice in this competition, which is rather interesting. In 2018, he was defeated for the first time by a €100,000 bet from a Spanish high roller.

With $37,681,580 in total deposits throughout the course of his career, Bodiakovsky has achieved the 10th spot on the global list of the finest tournament poker players after winning three high-stakes live events in 2022.

Closing tally

On the final day, Nikita stood in seventh position with a 20NTB stack out of a total of 52 players. Within the first thirty minutes, Bodiakowski had eliminated even shorter Nick Pertangelo (QQ-AJ) and was only two hands behind Mike Watson (KT-84, AQ-JJ).

The Belarusian didn’t slow down after being promoted to chipliner and recorded two more outs.


Bodyakovsky vs. Seidel, Nikita vs. Erik

Nikita’s opponent in one-on-one matches was the 62-year-old legendary player Erik Seidel. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) online high roller bracelet he won last year was his eighth overall.

Once again, the American began heads-up play with almost twice as many chips as his opponent and battled for more than three hours to claim victory.

After posting 66-A9, Eric doubled up, and then on board A5547, he won a huge pot with 53 over A7 to take over the lead. Nikita had a four-to-one chip advantage at one point.

The Belarussian regained the chip lead after a series of fortunate draws that resulted in no showdowns, including one with 33-A5 preflop.

After the break for lunch, one of the first hands played was the winning one. Nikita Bodiakovsky’s ace on the flip with QQ-A4 determined first place.

We wish the Belarusian poker player continued success at the high stakes tables and congratulate him on his recent victory.

Nikita Bodiakovsky won $1.1 million in a high roller game of GGpokerok.

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Bodiakovsky, Nikita

RedStar Poker’s Top Playing Characteristics

The amount of action in poker rooms spikes in early November, compared to the slower summer months. In this post, we’ll go over the traffic quirks that RedStar Poker players, both during peak hours and off-peak times, need to be aware of.

RedStar Poker: the most popular poker site in the world

Typical Traits

We investigated the rise of the iPoker network and attempted to identify its causes at the start of this year. Now that traffic numbers are at their peak, it’s a good opportunity to learn the ins and outs of local traffic patterns that will benefit gamers year-round. This includes learning how its skins disperse nighttime gaming activity.

Regular 6-max Hold’em tables provide about 75% of the play on RedStar Poker. The best time to catch them is between 22:00 and 24:00 MSK.

Our analysis of Friday lobby activity shows that there are more tables with three or more players engaged there than on any other day.

We’ll analyze the presentation forms used in this space, including the tables and their constraints.


Although full-ring games with fixed-limit and pot-limit betting structures are technically available via the RedStar client, in practice, the number of active tables seldom exceeds two.

At peak times, the following traits characterize 6-max NLH play:

The percentage of hands played at NL10 vs NL50 restrictions is within a range of 25%.

As compared to the bigger stakes games, the micro-limits are not very well attended.

The allure of NL100 is often no more than two times that of NL4. In other roums, the gap often does not decrease below this barrier but rather maintains a degree of superiority that is three to four times that of the cheapest limit.

The three NL200-600 limits get almost the same amount of action.

Short length and a wide variation in the number of active tables with the same stakes over a short time period define play at NL1K and the new higher limits.


A little more than 20% of the players in the room play Omaha poker, and Omaha is more popular than Hold’em at all stake levels up to and including PLO200.

Yet, even in November, more than 10 tables on each of them are seldom assembled, so Omaha players at RedStar Poker have to either mix and match limits or multiroute throughout the seasonal traffic fall.

In the autumn, PLO50 is the limit that sees the most action.

Several others.

Three other poker variants have some data gathered.

Rapid Poker (Speed). By 10pm, only NL5 is playable, attracting 40-50 players. The brand-new NL20–100 range has no restrictions set.

Shortdeck. There are always three or four tables that solely play NL4 all night long. There may be as many as ten NL20-50 tables open towards midnight.

“Tables with Heads Up” Often, there are 4-5 active tables “spread out” among 5 limits, ranging from NL20 to NL600.

In the warmer months, competition in these areas essentially disappears.

See also: PokerKing’s Top Traffic Factors for Further Information.

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In RedStar Poker, what does “All-in Cash Out” mean?

All-in Cash-Out insurance is standard at the best online poker venues, allowing players to fold without feeling emotionally invested in the outcome. iPoker Network Skins is the latest poker site to provide All-in Cash Out.

In RedStar Poker, what does “All-in Cash Out” mean?

In what ways may I activate the protection plan?

One of the major contributors to player tilt is the presence of variation in poker. Thus, roums employ the insurance option, which allows the player to take away part of the pot according to the equity of his hand regardless of the result of the hand, in order to preserve a “good experience” at their tables.

From February 27th, 2023, all iPoker roulette room users have had access to All-in Cash Out.

This preference is found in the “Table” section of the client’s configuration:

Following that, a dialogue window will pop up with some background on the feature and two toggle switches, “Never” and “By Hand,” for turning it on or off.

This function is exclusive to the Hold’em cash tables, which are denoted by a distinctive emblem in the lobby.

When a player joins an All-in Cash Out table, the following window will appear:

What is the procedure?

In RedStar Poker, if there are just two players in a show, starting on the flop, you may choose All-in Cash Out. The combination of the player who took the insurance may have any odds of winning, which is not the case in other rooms.

Those who have chosen to participate in this feature will be presented with an insurance window if a circumstance arises at the table that qualifies for it.

Following that, the further outcomes are feasible:

When a player makes the decision to cash out, his stack is instantly credited with the sum provided by the room.

To the “Cashout Fund,” or the Room if he wins the hand.

The remaining equity pot is transferred to his opponent if he loses the hand.

If both players choose for insurance, the hand ends when the payoff is distributed.

If neither player cashes out, the agreement continues as before.

Using All-in Cashout will incur a 1% higher commission.

Is it wise to cash out “all-in”?

The answer is a resounding “no,” at least from a purely numerical perspective. Rake will be much more than it would be without insurance. Only someone with Daniel Negreanu’s name would benefit from having more rake.

However there is a case when insurance might be a good idea in the near term.

If you tend to tilt after making a move, you may utilize this function to lessen the emotional impact of variance increases in hands when your hand has a lot of equity (60-70%).

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How does Tigergaming’s Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 work?

Chico’s American Network management has taken considerable pains to restructure one of its perks aimed at recreational gamers. By losing with a full house, players at all stakes may now participate in Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0. Read our post to find out more about the new jackpot and all its features.

How much is the Chico Network’s version of the Bad Beat Jackpot?

The new winning pot.

On the Chico Network skins, the Bad Beat Jackpot has been played at normal tables starting with NL$100 for years. Two years ago, a separate Quick Poker Jackpot was introduced to it, however it is only played at NL$10. The original terms have been drastically altered.

The updated Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 is playable at Tigergaming, BetOnline, and SportsBetting as of March 1, 2023.

The key characteristics are:

Free-of-charge and open-to-all There are normal and Boost Hold’em cash tables available.

Each monetary cap has its own reward pool.

When a complete house of AAA22 results in a loss (previously it was from a four of twos).

At the very least, you’ll need four people to play.

Players must utilize both of their pocket cards in any combination.

In other words, the jackpot will now fall considerably more often, and players of all stakes may participate.

Raffles for money

Each limit is subject to a set deduction from a certain percentage of the total pot. The cap places restrictions on how big it can go.

If the total amount in the pot is less than the jackpot amount, no money will be taken out.

In order to make the given information reflect the actual size of the pot, it is rounded down. Hence, if there is a $47 pot on NL100, for instance, $0.80 will be deducted in order to pay out Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 awards.

Compensation Disbursement.

The prizes at the top of the deal are awarded as follows if any of the tables have completed the necessary play.

The deal’s loser gets 20% of any proceeds.

The successful party receives a 10% bonus.

10 percent to the other people at the table.

All players at BBJ-limit tables will get a 20% bonus.

To the next jackpot: 35%.

Room tax is 5% of the total.

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Who took home the trophy in the 2022 World Series of Poker Global Finals?

The 2022 Global Poker Awards took place on the first Friday of March at the PokerGO studio in Las Vegas, and it was attended by several of the industry’s most prominent figures. In this piece, we will discuss the 27 nominees who we felt were the most fascinating.

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOPC) Final Table

Most Valuable Player

As opposed to previous year, no one was able to take home three awards at once (two could take Ethan “Rampage” Yau: as the best vlogger and “Poker Personality of the Year”).

Among the initial nominees for “GPI Poker Player of the Year” were several relatively unknown Eastern hemisphere players who, according to The Hendon Mob, had the greatest outcomes in live events based on a predetermined set of criteria.

Stephen Song triumphed despite intense rivalry; ten other players were in the running for the position until the conclusion of the year. The young American won 43 times that year, for a total of $2,282,059. In December, he won the $1,100 WPT Premier Championship, beating out 5,430 competitors to take home $712,650.

In 2022, Cherish Andrews took in $758,513, more than double her previous career’s earnings. The majority of the sum came from three diprana totaling $78,045, $131,912, and $259,200. As for the most recent one, it was a WPT tournament for $10,000.

The Biggest Fail of the Year

Players who made their way into the top tier of the GPI Player of the Year rankings this year but who had not been eligible to do so in the previous three years were placed in this new category. Phil Ivey, the great poker player, won three times while playing in the highest stakes games and was the owner of this chip.

In Cyprus, a $75K Short Deck tournament at Triton Poker netted $1.2M.

Six hundred and forty thousand dollars for the $50,000 PGT Super High Roller Series Europe.

The $30K Short Deck tournament at the Triton Poker Club in Cyprus brought in $387K.

Top Card

Robbie Jade-Lew and Garrett Adelstein played a scandalous hand in which Jade-Lew called with jack high and won $130,000.

In the immediate aftermath of the hand, both poker players were accused of cheating and collaboration, which the Hustler Casino Live organizers investigated but could never establish.

The most formidable adversary.

Stephen Chidwick deservedly won the player vote and took home the trophy. The Englishman has switched to playing primarily in high-stakes events, and in 2022 he won the PokerGO Tour Player of the Year title. His opponents there felt his relentless might.

Throughout the previous 12 months, he has finished in the money at 42 separate events. He won about $3 million in two of the Triton Poker Series in Madrid.

Top Performance at the Final Table

In the final table of the $50,000 Poker Players Championship, one of the most prestigious mix events of the World Series, you must play flawlessly across many poker games. It’s quite unlikely that you could succeed twice in a row.

But, the winner of this category, Daniel Cates, was successful in doing just that.

Film of the Year

Hayley Hochstetler is the photographer for this. When Matt Glantz selected the envelope containing the largest prize from the $1K Million Dollar Bounty at the WSOP, Justin Lett was there to film the moment.

The million-dollar envelope, ironically, was stored in the first treasure box.


#Global Poker Awards

Carlos Ribeiro wins Day 4 of the Main Event at EPT Paris for Brazil.

The EPT Paris Main Event final table is coming closer to Brazilian player Carlos Ribeiro. After the conclusion of Day 3, he is one of the remaining 47 players. Following five 90-minute stages of ups and downs, the CL Poker Team member amassed 470,000 chips, or around 24 large blinds, the eighth-smallest stack in the event.

Carlos won a coin toss with barely minutes left on Day 3 to eliminate Atanas Malinov. With AQ against 1010, the Brazilian saw the board 3Q2Q3 and quadrupled his stack.

In contrast, Eduardo Silva was not spared by the deck and finished in 58th position. According to PokerNews coverage, the miner opened from the button and observed as Konstantin Held proclaimed a three-bet straight from the small blind. Once again taking action, Eduardo placed his stack of 40 bbs to the table’s middle. Afterwards, Held phoned and presented the AK. On the QK853 board, Eduardo stood little chance against the A4. He won a total of €18,650.

Gorki Oliveira, who was eliminated in 70th position, also departed the Hyatt Regency hotel with €18,650. Mateus Moraes was awarded €12,250 for finishing in 132nd position.

Held, Eduardo’s opponent, is next in line. He gained a comfortable 35-bet lead over his nearest opponent with 2,935,000 chips. Niklas Astedt (fifth, 1,795,000), Manig Loeser (seventh, 1,670,000), Arthur Conan (tenth, 1,550,000), Alex Kulev (twelfth, 1,475,000), Ben Heath (thirty-seventh, 515,000), and Teun Mulder (fortieth, 515,000) all advance (45th – 393,000).

The action resumes this coming Friday, the 24th, at 8:30am (Braslia) with a broadcast on the PokerStars Brasil YouTube account. The blinds and ante are 10,000/20,000 with BB. See the prizes at stake:

1. € 1.170.000

2. € 780.100

3. € 535.850

4. € 412.200

5. € 317.050

6. € 244.000

7. € 187.650

8. € 144.300

9. € 111.000

10-11. € 85.400

12-13. € 71.150

14-15. € 59.300

16-17. € 49.550

18-20. € 43.100

21-23. € 37.450

24-27. € 32.600

28-31. € 28.350

32-39. € 24.650

40-47. € 21.450

PGAT: Omaha, soccer tournament, and Day 1D of the Main Event

PGAT PANAMA There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

On Thursday, the PGAT Panama action resumes at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino with the fourth opening flight of the Main Event.

There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

The Poker Grand Adventure Tour (PGAT) 2023 continues with PokerBROS as the festival’s official sponsor. On Thursday, the on- and off-table action will continue.

Day 1D of the Main Event at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino in Panama City will continue the battle for the $1,200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Garcia was the chip leader on Day 1B of the PGAT Panama’s Main Event.

In addition, there will be an Omaha Battle with an additional $30,000 in guaranteed prize money, and a spectacular mini-soccer event will give entertainment outside the felt.

As if that weren’t enough, CodigoPoker is providing official coverage of the entire festival with liveblog in several of the tournaments and live stream in the most important ones, with Santi Gonzalez as the host, as well as the best notes and multimedia content so that you don’t miss a single detail.

On the official website of the PGAT Panama, the whole schedule, tournament structure, and general information may be found.

The PGAT program on Panama Day


Miniature soccer competition 14:00 – Main Event $1,200,000 Guaranteed – Day 1C

Buy-in: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Rebuy: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Blinds: 40 Minutes

Late registration: 10 levels

19:00 Omaha Battle – US$30K GTD

Buy-in: US$500 – 30,000pts

Rebuy: US$500 – 30,000pts

Blinds: 30 minutes

  • Late registration: 8 levels

Wagner Ripper finishes third in the EPT Paris FPS High Roller.

On Monday, judgments were made at the EPT Paris, and Brazil was once again in contention for the championships of the circuit’s tournaments. Two Brazilians reached the final table at the €2,200 buy-in FPS Paris High Roller, and Wagner Ripper from So Paulo finished on the podium.

Wagner, along with a few Brazilians who joined him on the Final Day, mastered the last stretch of the event and advanced far, finishing third out of 910 competitors. The award for his accomplishment was €136,050, the most amount he has ever received for a leisure activity.

Felipe Ketzer, a high-stakes poker player, finished second in the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Paris and earned career earnings.

Wagner was one of the most aggressive players at the final table and ascended with a low stack to almost the top of the chip count, causing him some difficulty. Yet, the Frenchman Mohamed Mokrani was unbeatable, defeating opponents one by one and without allowing the chip lead to diminish.

Ripper produced a double-up of TT versus AK in a four-handed game and almost killed Bulgarian pro Simeon Spasov. Later, in 3-handed play, Mokrani maintained pressure and left Wagner with a small stack. Mohamed pushed the Brazilian to go all in with KT and then called with A6. The board 63JQQ aided his opponent and ruined Ripper’s stellar tournament performance.

Celso Sirtoli, from Caxias do Sul, should also be included. Regular in the Brazilian circuits, he opted to try his luck in France for the first time and has already accomplished a wonderful performance with an eighth-place finish and €36,650 in prize money. This was Sirtoli’s first ITM in Europe, however he was eliminated after he went all-in before the flip with 55 against Mohamed Mokrani’s A4.

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