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This is the structure of the Aces of Araucania and Patagonia

This is the structure of the Araucania and Patagon...

As are Araucanian and Patagonian Aces structures. The first will be held in Temuco on April 29th, while the second will be held in Punta Arenas on May 26th.

Así es la estructura del Ases de la Araucanía y la Patagonía

Poker returns to Dreams Casino and it does it twice, on the one hand, this month we have Araucanía Aces and a new edition of Patagonian Aces .

The first competition will be held in Temuco April 29-30 with a buy-in of $300,000 CAD and the option to re-register unlimited times for the same value as the initial registration.

Event starts at 3:00pm , and the next day starts at 14:00. It should be noted that the physical strength limit of this game is 100 positions. If there are more players interested in playing than the maximum number allowed, a waiting list will be established so that in the event of a cancellation or cancellation of registration, players on the waiting list can register.

Players start with 20,000 chips and the blinds increase every 40 minutes. The extended login and re-entry opportunities end before the tenth level begins.

Grinders who register and bring their chips to the tournament table before the end of the second blind level (75-150) will receive a 3,000 chip bonus (this applies to first registrations only).

Nearly a month later, Dreams Casino in Punta Arenas is bringing back the classic Aces of the Patagonian poker game. On May 26th and 27th, this is a $300,000 buy-in event with an option to re-enter.

Like the Temuco event, this edition is limited to 70 players. The sale starts at 5pm and the next day at 2pm. The structure will be similar to that of Araucanía Aces.

These games are sure to be a hit, as poker’s recent return to Valdivia was played at the same chain of casinos and shattered attendance records.

This is the structure of the Araucania and Patagon...

Elite welfare, beauty card room preferential system

Elite Benefits, Americas Cardroom's rebate system

With Elite Perks, Americas Cardroom has found the perfect way to reward its most loyal users. It will continue in the same way until 2023 so everyone can continue to benefit.

This reward system is considered one of the most profitable in the poker ecosystem as it provides many benefits to those who play the most. The theme chosen by ACR is similar to a military competition, and the clothing is about the front line. All players start at the rank of Lieutenant and progress through the ranks by completing certain objectives until they earn the nickname “Fifth”. Reach the stars – the average, the highest revenge.

The problem is as follows: Lieutenants start adding 1 rating point for each combat point. Since it’s the lowest tier, its only benefit is the ability to convert points into cash. However, once they accumulate 750 RP, they advance to the next tier.

Other ranks include Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Five-Star General. The higher your level, the better the rewards and bonuses. Benefits include cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the chance to get higher multipliers for easier rankings, and other great promotions and competitions for every level.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more? Then you can enter here, where you will dispel all doubts, soldiers, it’s time to fight!

Elite Benefits, Americas Cardroom's rebate system

WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish: “What should I beat you at?”

WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish:

Chad Eveslage is acting like Chadpion

The 2023 World Series of Poker took just one week to find a new superhero and break some legends Coveted live poker records.

Let’s start with Chad Eveslage, a late blooming genius, 32, through all the stages of the most typical American rules, online and Black Friday push Xia was once an orphan, but became a full-time professional again after the outbreak.

His best results have come in the past 12 months. He was named the reigning WPT Player of the Year at the Horseshoe and is the first serious contender for the World Series Player of the Year title that is more serious than a funeral.

Surprisingly, he chose the form of Dealer’s Choice to show his elegance. Amazingly, there were 21 different games to choose from, and he was able to win the $1,500 cash game and the $10,000 championship in less than a week.

The icing on the cake turned out to be his last hand of the morning. Big O, or five-card Omaha, Eveslage put Dutch Boyd all-in on top pair and a flush draw on K26 with two clubs on the low. Chad held the 3 of clubs and 4 of clubs, and his favorite hand landed the 5 of clubs on the turn for a straight flush.

Gallery of Champions

Event #10: $10,000 Dealer’s Choice 6-Max Tournament

Chad Eveslage – $311,428 (115 Players)

  1. Chad Eveslage $311,428
  2. Dutch Boyd $192,479
  3. Zack Freeman $139,048
  4. Dustin Dirksen $101,709
  5. Ari Engel $75,341
  6. Marco Johnson $56,528

Event #11: $600 Deepstack

Kenneth O’Donell – $351,058 (6,085 players)

St. Kenneth O’Donnell, who lives in Petersburg, Fla., said he has never won more than $53,000 in live tournaments despite playing for decades.

He has to compete in a tournament in Las Vegas with 6,000 entrants. Vegas used one or more times, precisely: “These big tournaments are an exercise in luck, and I got lucky.”

Event 3: $1,000 Mystery Million

Taylor Brown – $1,000,000 (18,188 players).

Tyler Brown is the third one-day millionaire created by Mystery Millionaire. This has firmly established itself as the WSOP’s new major event for two years, and includes the historic venue, the largest $1,000 tournament ever held on Earth.

The other two, Shant Marashlian and Patrick Liang, just happened to be in the gold box. Brown had to play by tried and tested rules and managed to avoid being eliminated by more than 18,000 players. If surviving something like this is crazy, it has to be said that this is the second WSOP tournament the PLO specialist has played in, the first being last week’s mixed NLHE/PLO $5k, which he also played in the final table.


Our fingers are tired of tapping across the vast field and history and the 2023 WSOP is just getting started. It doesn’t look like they’re slowing down, because just yesterday the pages of the holiday gold book were rewritten again.

Now is the $600 PLO Deepstack , which for the first time attracted more than 3,000 people to a game of Four Card Stud.

New day, new record!

With 3,200 entries, Event #13: $600 PLO Deepstack is the largest PLO event in poker history!

Thanks to the players who made history and created a $1,632,000 total prize pool!

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) June 6, 2023

One Spaniard made the most of the event despite

What’s happening starting today, June 6th?

  • Event #15: $1,500 6-Max
  • Event #16: $25,000 8-Max High Roller
  • Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better
  • Online Event #4: $600 Ultra Deep

WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish:

Juan Pardo is on his way to winning the SuperMillion$, Spain’s largest online poker payout.

GGPoker SuperMillion$ The final preparations for the World Music Festival special edition are coming soon. Set a prize, never before has a Spanish player won an online poker game.

1,107 entrants exceeded the huge $10,000,000 guaranteed deposit. The first prize in the final prize pool could be $1,518,400, which is very, very close to what one of our own players won.

All of them, of course our best players I’m chasing that ball. Sergi Reixach streamed his second day live, putting him in 49th place. Location ($40,664). Ignacio Moron got closer and finished in 30th place ($55,142).

Another player still looking for a million dollar prize, and he’s about to find it? Juan Pardo currently leads the finalists, more than twice as far as runner-up Sven Anderson of Sweden.

Malaka is about to look back at his 100+ BB performance in such an overwhelming situation at ICM, as it is uncommon to manage such a stack by completing such a large tournament with only eight eliminations.

In any case, Juan appears to have received at least $191,350 from the Financial Times in the event of an apocalyptic disaster, and he has five over fifty million dollar prize. This is a huge opportunity and there is no one more skilled and reliable than Juan.

20:30, you can watch different Spanish and English game language channels on your favorite streaming platform. Pick your favorite narrator and bring as much good vibes to Malacca as possible. Good luck!

Pedro Padilha Finishes 2nd in ACR Sunday HR Competition

In Most recently, the Americas Poker Room Sunday High Roller was one of the major online Sunday tournaments bringing huge prize money to Brazilian poker. The competition has been won several times by Brazilians and this Sunday (04) Pedro Padilha finished second.

PeDeAnjo7 had 953 entries in the $630 buy-in event. “Known as Padilha at the ACR tables, finished second after a tough one-up challenge. Pedro took home $74,334.

Also at the final table was Alpha Leonardo Alcantara, “FIFUGatinho”, who is seeking his second tournament title after a recent win, left the table with a handsome $29,447.

With the Austrian Heads-up on “LoveMondays”, Pedro was in the lead for most of the time, but missed the call and his opponent had to fold. However, the most important hand of the match came in the tie.

The board showed three spades. Pedro Padilha hit two pair and eventually called his opponent’s all-in on the river. “LoveMondays” showed a spade flush and took almost all of his chips.

Pedro doubled up three times, but the Austrian decided to miraculously draw a straight and seal the tournament title. Passing, Padilha saw the board complete the “LoveMondays” call with his and then on the river Practiced.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan Wins Largest Jackpot in TV Poker History – $3,081,000

Last week, an expensive $500/$1,000 cash game was played under the lens of Los Angeles with $2,000 stakes and $3,000 ante, with a buy-in of at least $1,000,000. The final day saw some epic hands, including one that broke the record for the largest pot in TV poker history.

What is the Million Dollar Game?

This critically acclaimed $1,000,000 buy-in cash game is played with deep stacks at the Hustler Casino located between downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific coast. At the table on the final day of the show:

Peak, YouTube Over 50,000 viewers watched More’s live stream, more than in the previous three days, when Tony Gee, Alan Keating and Jean-Robert Belande also Perform at the poker table. Hand of the Year: Tom “durrrrr” Dwan won a $3,081,000 pot against Wesley “West Side” Flan.

After six hours of play, they had the best hand of the night. “LSG Hank” opened at $7,000 with :ah:8c and Wesley Flan bought in for $3,000,000 at the start and three-bet to $30,000 with :ad:kd . Doug Polk, sitting behind him, threw a trash card, and Wesley showed him his. In this hand, Polk found himself in an awkward position and made every effort not to reveal information about the other’s hand through his actions.

Tom Dwan four-bets all-in for $100,000 c :qs:qc . “LSG Hank” fell through and Wesley re-raised to $275,000. Dwan called and the players saw a flop of :3d:8d:8s.

Dwan check-called $125,000 and did the same when Wesley bet $350,000 on the :5h turn. He thought about each of these actions for more than a minute.

Here comes the river: 6c. Realizing that the only way to win the hand was to bet, Wesley bet Dwan’s remaining $786,000. This time, the former Full Tilt Poker pro hesitated for almost four minutes as a seven-figure pot was at stake and he had only one pair, despite being older than the table. He ended up cashing in and taking home $3,081,000 – the largest payout in televised poker history.

Ironically, Tom Dwan is directly related to the previous two records. In 2018, he lost a $2,500,000 pot to Paul Foye live in the Triton Series and in 2010 he won the $1,100 Full Tilt Million Dollar from Phil Ivey ,000 cash game show.

What else is so interesting about the million dollar game?

This wasn’t the only exciting hand of the night. Here are three more.

Polk opened with :5s:4s and Dwan shoved :7h:7c from the small blind. Flop :2s:7d:kd , Dwan bet with set and got called, turn :6h Polk had a two-way straight and responded with a raise. In the second nats, Dwan thought long enough that Polk called for time, and on the river: 6s, Dwan collected a full house and tipped, provoking his opponent to bet $420,000. The poker world is split on whether it’s a slope:

“LSG Hank bluffs heavily on the river: 4d: 3c: qh :8d:9h Arriving at Polk, he holds an ace, he thinks for a long time, opens the card and draws, forcing him to fold:

Towards the end of the tournament, the aforementioned Wesley Flan played a similar hand to the one he lost to Dwan, only this time his :ah:7h was tripped by the pocket ladies of “LSG” .Hank” on the low board. The $2,250,000 pot is the second largest in televised poker history:

‘The Godfather of Poker’ Look at Doyle Brunson’s Legacy

While Doyle Brunson needs nothing else to live forever, there is a range of professional content, who The life of one of the greatest poker legends of all time has been preparing for some time.

Under the title of The Godfather of Poker, there are several Doyle Brunson audiovisuals that he himself has been working on towards the end of 2022, and we will be able to see some image and get details.

Brian Balsbaugh shows several behind-the-scenes footage of Brunson preparing at home.

Also, it was set up as a movie set. One of the most notable posts was Legend preparing his audiobook. It also comes with a photo of an interview he recorded for the documentary.

(2) Tex Dolly Documentary (2023): Doyle recently sat for hours for an interview on an incredibly entertaining piece of poker history.

— Brian Balsbaugh (@Balsbaugh) December 26, 2022

(1) The godfather of poker speaks Readings (2023 edition): We set up a studio at @TexDolly’s home and he’s been busy for about 20 hours on this massive project. It was amazing to hear him tell his life story in his signature Texas accent.

(2) Tex Dolly Documentary (2023): Doyle recently spent hours interviewing an incredibly interesting piece of poker history.

Hernandez tops Day 1B roster at Vallarta Open

Inaugural Tournament final match between Winclub Platinum Vallarta and Moises Hernandez in Mexico His name was at the top of the leaderboard that day.

At Winclub Casino, a total of 80 entries won 200,000 MXN Guaranteed largest portion of the prize pool.

This time, only 12 players managed to get chips for the next round, Hernandez added a new car to reach 279,000. The list also includes players Sebastian Reynoso , Jesus Fernandez and US Brian Bernacki .

The agenda will continue this Monday when the Apertura Championship winner will be announced. Day 1A of the Main Event (6,000 MXN buy-in) has begun, as has the High Roller (20,000 MXN buy-in) . The total guaranteed prize pool for both tournaments is 4 million Mexican Pesos in total.

Winclub Platinum Vallarta continues

On the other hand, there are Second Chances and coveted Mystery Bounties and Buy-Ins – 3,000 Mexican pesos in the program. For those who enjoy the excitement of cash games, Winclub Platinum Vallarta also offers a Cash Festival on the same tournament dates.

All information can be found on the Festival website and Official Fabebook website where accommodation options and special offers can be found.

Day 1A & Day 1B Opening Qualifiers – Winclub Platinum Vallarta

CAP Rosario: The action starts in the city center

First it was Buenos Aires, then Santa Rosa in La Pampa, and now Rosario. The Argentine Poker Tour hasn’t stopped touring the country, kicking off the third tournament of its 11th season today, and the first day of CAP Rosario promises plenty of action. The cards run until next Monday, so City Center Rosario offers a lot and a lot of tournaments.

Bianchini from winning CAP Santa Rosa.

The Main Event, consisting of four first stages (the last turbo), costs $190,000 and runs from Wednesday to Monday. Featured tournaments include the two-day Super High Roller, played in USD with a $1,500 buy-in. Both are CodigoPoker live on the blog, but beyond that there is a $380,000 High Roller and three days on the grid.

These are the strongest festivals, but every budget will have others. $75,000 Startups will handle today’s promotions; tomorrow is also downtown’s classic Tuesday+, with $45,000 entry and schedule including $80,000Uppercut KO Bounty Progressive and the famous Second Chance, this time for $95,000.

If you look through the schedule, you’ll also find Unlimited Qualifiers to choose from, saving you a lot on the Main buy-in and other tournaments.

Doyle Brunson and his best stories at the poker table

Doyle Brunson has left us. But only his actual presence on Earth. In fact, the best thing he left us is his legacy, his story or some words like a life manual. After 89 years, he’s had his best and worst times, and we can excerpt his anecdotes.

Some of which we picked from interviews, some of which Doyle answered fans’ questions on Twitter years ago. Either way, this is authentic Doyle Brunson, we will remember with a smile…

The Doyle Brunson Story

I had a 64-win year. I had major surgery the year I lost the race. I lost $6 million at the WSOP this year thanks to my best friend Chip Reese.

$6 million! Yes, what did you read. at a table? Brunson then made it clear that he played Chinese Poker throughout the series (he did not name the year).

He was also asked about an occasion he talked about a lengthy victory session. he replied.

Yes, after my miraculous recovery from cancer. When I started playing again, I won over 50 times. I’ve paid off my debts and saved my money.

One more question, what is your favorite Fort Worth story?

in my A year as a pro, I was playing pool hall when a man walked in and shot a player. His brains seemed to splatter the walls. We all ran out the back door there and we didn’t talk to the police. We had to cross a cold stream.

Doyle clarified that he “walks around with a .357 Magnum” these days. He added: “We used to run around in groups of no less than three, so we had our backs to each other. We used to defend ourselves pretty well; we carried shotguns and pistols. Itsounds like Like the Wild West.’, and it is. I love it because I’m single and it’s crazy.”

You also want to know what is his most memorable story?

Not that, win Million dollar pots and even wins in the WSOP Main Event. Violent stuff comes first. I saw two players fall dead while playing. Strange, but they are low pots. I also saw five robberies.

Did Brunson give up because he thought he was going to be killed?

No, but I Partnership with Dickey Carson established. I went 2-7 for eight hands and entered the pot with Patch from Dallas. Patch loses all night, and he takes a knife and smashes it on the table, saying he’ll kill anyone who hits him. Dickey retired and ended the game.

Because his background is not all violent. Doyle talked about other things. He says he’s discovered three new sports during the pandemic: “1) chopping wood, 2) throwing darts, and 3) throwing popcorn.” Kevin Bacon bursts into tears.

Musically, he Thinks Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are his favorites, both of whom were there to watch. Someone asked him about Black Sabbath, and the band Ozzy Osbourne chimed in. “I don’t even know what Black Sabbath is,” he replied.

As for the other flavors, he once listed his top three favorites: “Go Swimming, Everybody Loves Raymond,” and my dog ​​has bitten over 28 Caspers. “

It happened to you. He was also blackmailed…

A woman called my house crying yelling that I got her pregnant. I have never been with another woman Together. Instead of getting angry, my wife started praying for them. We never heard from him again.

He and his wife (Louise, who have three children: Todd, Pamela, and Doira) all had cancer and recovered, which leads me to believe…

I believe in miracles. The fact that he is alive is the truest proof. And I don’t think I was chosen for great things, but because of what happened to me, I tried to capture every moment of my life A moment.

While he is a lovable character like everyone else, he has his enemies, people who insult him online. What did you reply to any of these?

I guess I won’t even bother stopping you. Take your 2 followers and go.

Finally, we leave you with a word, as to those who want to follow it Advice from man….

Life is like poker: you don’t have the cards you want to play, you’ve got the cards you should play, and all you can do is try your best Play it well. I’ve been working on it. When you have a difficult hand, you need to give it your best…

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