For the second time, Nikita Bodiakovsky has taken home the EPT Super High Roller trophy.

Nikita Bodiakovsky has often been victorious in the world’s most prestigious poker events. Two years and four years after the first victory, on August 16, 2022, the €100,000 Super High Roller tournament at EPT Barcelona was won. Find out how a Belarusian ended up with a check for €1,979,220 here.

Global Top 10

While there aren’t many opportunities to participate in high-stakes poker tournaments, the world’s most prominent players can always be found at the tables of online and live high roller events. That’s why consistent success requires not only a passing interest in the game, but also an understanding of the tactics involved.

Everybody even somewhat interested in poker in Belarus has heard of one of them since he is universally recognized as the finest player in the country. This player upped his game today:

Late in the night of August 16, 2022, Nikita Bodiakovsky won the EPT Super High Roller in Barcelona, earning himself the largest sum of money he has seen so far that year. The winner received €1,979,220 for their efforts.

Nikita has already won twice in this competition, which is rather interesting. In 2018, he was defeated for the first time by a €100,000 bet from a Spanish high roller.

With $37,681,580 in total deposits throughout the course of his career, Bodiakovsky has achieved the 10th spot on the global list of the finest tournament poker players after winning three high-stakes live events in 2022.

Closing tally

On the final day, Nikita stood in seventh position with a 20NTB stack out of a total of 52 players. Within the first thirty minutes, Bodiakowski had eliminated even shorter Nick Pertangelo (QQ-AJ) and was only two hands behind Mike Watson (KT-84, AQ-JJ).

The Belarusian didn’t slow down after being promoted to chipliner and recorded two more outs.


Bodyakovsky vs. Seidel, Nikita vs. Erik

Nikita’s opponent in one-on-one matches was the 62-year-old legendary player Erik Seidel. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) online high roller bracelet he won last year was his eighth overall.

Once again, the American began heads-up play with almost twice as many chips as his opponent and battled for more than three hours to claim victory.

After posting 66-A9, Eric doubled up, and then on board A5547, he won a huge pot with 53 over A7 to take over the lead. Nikita had a four-to-one chip advantage at one point.

The Belarussian regained the chip lead after a series of fortunate draws that resulted in no showdowns, including one with 33-A5 preflop.

After the break for lunch, one of the first hands played was the winning one. Nikita Bodiakovsky’s ace on the flip with QQ-A4 determined first place.

We wish the Belarusian poker player continued success at the high stakes tables and congratulate him on his recent victory.

Nikita Bodiakovsky won $1.1 million in a high roller game of GGpokerok.

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Bodiakovsky, Nikita

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