WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish: “What should I beat you at?”

WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish:

Chad Eveslage is acting like Chadpion

The 2023 World Series of Poker took just one week to find a new superhero and break some legends Coveted live poker records.

Let’s start with Chad Eveslage, a late blooming genius, 32, through all the stages of the most typical American rules, online and Black Friday push Xia was once an orphan, but became a full-time professional again after the outbreak.

His best results have come in the past 12 months. He was named the reigning WPT Player of the Year at the Horseshoe and is the first serious contender for the World Series Player of the Year title that is more serious than a funeral.

Surprisingly, he chose the form of Dealer’s Choice to show his elegance. Amazingly, there were 21 different games to choose from, and he was able to win the $1,500 cash game and the $10,000 championship in less than a week.

The icing on the cake turned out to be his last hand of the morning. Big O, or five-card Omaha, Eveslage put Dutch Boyd all-in on top pair and a flush draw on K26 with two clubs on the low. Chad held the 3 of clubs and 4 of clubs, and his favorite hand landed the 5 of clubs on the turn for a straight flush.

Gallery of Champions

Event #10: $10,000 Dealer’s Choice 6-Max Tournament

Chad Eveslage – $311,428 (115 Players)

  1. Chad Eveslage $311,428
  2. Dutch Boyd $192,479
  3. Zack Freeman $139,048
  4. Dustin Dirksen $101,709
  5. Ari Engel $75,341
  6. Marco Johnson $56,528

Event #11: $600 Deepstack

Kenneth O’Donell – $351,058 (6,085 players)

St. Kenneth O’Donnell, who lives in Petersburg, Fla., said he has never won more than $53,000 in live tournaments despite playing for decades.

He has to compete in a tournament in Las Vegas with 6,000 entrants. Vegas used one or more times, precisely: “These big tournaments are an exercise in luck, and I got lucky.”

Event 3: $1,000 Mystery Million

Taylor Brown – $1,000,000 (18,188 players).

Tyler Brown is the third one-day millionaire created by Mystery Millionaire. This has firmly established itself as the WSOP’s new major event for two years, and includes the historic venue, the largest $1,000 tournament ever held on Earth.

The other two, Shant Marashlian and Patrick Liang, just happened to be in the gold box. Brown had to play by tried and tested rules and managed to avoid being eliminated by more than 18,000 players. If surviving something like this is crazy, it has to be said that this is the second WSOP tournament the PLO specialist has played in, the first being last week’s mixed NLHE/PLO $5k, which he also played in the final table.


Our fingers are tired of tapping across the vast field and history and the 2023 WSOP is just getting started. It doesn’t look like they’re slowing down, because just yesterday the pages of the holiday gold book were rewritten again.

Now is the $600 PLO Deepstack , which for the first time attracted more than 3,000 people to a game of Four Card Stud.

New day, new record!

With 3,200 entries, Event #13: $600 PLO Deepstack is the largest PLO event in poker history!

Thanks to the players who made history and created a $1,632,000 total prize pool!

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) June 6, 2023

One Spaniard made the most of the event despite

What’s happening starting today, June 6th?

  • Event #15: $1,500 6-Max
  • Event #16: $25,000 8-Max High Roller
  • Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better
  • Online Event #4: $600 Ultra Deep

WSOP 2023 Day 7: Chad Eveslage in Spanish:

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