U.S. authorities file charges against Gail Ifrach

U.S. authorities file more than 140,000 pages of i...

If you look at Gal Yifrach’s numbers at Hendon Mob, you’ll see that the American player’s numbers are pretty good. Having earned over $2,250,000 in live tournament winnings during his career, Yifrach is a well-known figure in the poker community and also holds a 2018 WSOP bracelet.

The problem is that U.S. authorities not only have an incredible 142,689 pages of evidence in his indictment proving that Yifrach was the mastermind behind an illegal gambling operation two years ago. He was charged in March 2022 with operating slot machines and laundering money by investing the funds he received in real estate.

Yifrach often appears in famous cash games such as Hustler Casino Live. According to the charges, he “collected illicit funds from various institutions throughout California” and devised a method to conceal the source of the funds. In this way, he was able to hide the fact that his wealth came from illegal sources. The player was even arrested due to the high risk of leaving the United States, but was released on bail.

If convicted, the American player faces up to five years in prison for operating an illegal game and up to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to launder money. Lawyers for both sides will meet on March 4 ahead of a formal trial.

U.S. authorities file more than 140,000 pages of i...

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  • Kunde.beverly

    It appears that Gal Yifrach has been highly successful in his poker career, but now faces serious legal charges related to illegal gambling and money laundering. If convicted, he could face significant prison time.

  • Carlee.douglas

    This text describes Gal Yifrach as a successful poker player with impressive earnings, but also highlights serious criminal charges he is facing for allegedly running an illegal gambling operation and laundering money. He could potentially face significant jail time if convicted, and his upcoming trial will determine his fate.

  • This text highlights the discrepancy between Gal Yifrach’s successful poker career and the serious criminal charges he is facing. The detailed evidence against him suggests a calculated operation to hide illegal gambling proceeds through real estate investments. It will be interesting to see how his legal team defends him in the upcoming trial.

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