Tom “durrrr” Dwan Wins Largest Jackpot in TV Poker History – $3,081,000

Last week, an expensive $500/$1,000 cash game was played under the lens of Los Angeles with $2,000 stakes and $3,000 ante, with a buy-in of at least $1,000,000. The final day saw some epic hands, including one that broke the record for the largest pot in TV poker history.

What is the Million Dollar Game?

This critically acclaimed $1,000,000 buy-in cash game is played with deep stacks at the Hustler Casino located between downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific coast. At the table on the final day of the show:

Peak, YouTube Over 50,000 viewers watched More’s live stream, more than in the previous three days, when Tony Gee, Alan Keating and Jean-Robert Belande also Perform at the poker table. Hand of the Year: Tom “durrrrr” Dwan won a $3,081,000 pot against Wesley “West Side” Flan.

After six hours of play, they had the best hand of the night. “LSG Hank” opened at $7,000 with :ah:8c and Wesley Flan bought in for $3,000,000 at the start and three-bet to $30,000 with :ad:kd . Doug Polk, sitting behind him, threw a trash card, and Wesley showed him his. In this hand, Polk found himself in an awkward position and made every effort not to reveal information about the other’s hand through his actions.

Tom Dwan four-bets all-in for $100,000 c :qs:qc . “LSG Hank” fell through and Wesley re-raised to $275,000. Dwan called and the players saw a flop of :3d:8d:8s.

Dwan check-called $125,000 and did the same when Wesley bet $350,000 on the :5h turn. He thought about each of these actions for more than a minute.

Here comes the river: 6c. Realizing that the only way to win the hand was to bet, Wesley bet Dwan’s remaining $786,000. This time, the former Full Tilt Poker pro hesitated for almost four minutes as a seven-figure pot was at stake and he had only one pair, despite being older than the table. He ended up cashing in and taking home $3,081,000 – the largest payout in televised poker history.

Ironically, Tom Dwan is directly related to the previous two records. In 2018, he lost a $2,500,000 pot to Paul Foye live in the Triton Series and in 2010 he won the $1,100 Full Tilt Million Dollar from Phil Ivey ,000 cash game show.

What else is so interesting about the million dollar game?

This wasn’t the only exciting hand of the night. Here are three more.

Polk opened with :5s:4s and Dwan shoved :7h:7c from the small blind. Flop :2s:7d:kd , Dwan bet with set and got called, turn :6h Polk had a two-way straight and responded with a raise. In the second nats, Dwan thought long enough that Polk called for time, and on the river: 6s, Dwan collected a full house and tipped, provoking his opponent to bet $420,000. The poker world is split on whether it’s a slope:

“LSG Hank bluffs heavily on the river: 4d: 3c: qh :8d:9h Arriving at Polk, he holds an ace, he thinks for a long time, opens the card and draws, forcing him to fold:

Towards the end of the tournament, the aforementioned Wesley Flan played a similar hand to the one he lost to Dwan, only this time his :ah:7h was tripped by the pocket ladies of “LSG” .Hank” on the low board. The $2,250,000 pot is the second largest in televised poker history:

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