This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by ACR Poker

This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by A...

Just a few days. That’s all for the new Journey to Enjoy Poker coming soon. The ACR Poker Festival kicks off this Saturday, ending the wait and kicking off one of the best festivals in the region.

July 22-29 will take part in a series that made its mark in February, but will now continue with the continuity of its traditional tournament.

Mathías Duarte, the last winner enjoying a poker tour.

First there will be a Turbo, 50k GTd, which will be the novelty of the series. The tournament kicks off at 1pm with a $550 buy-in and $50,000 in guaranteed prize money.

The main course also has two qualifiers: High Roller, $300,000 GTD. The competition will start at 18:00 on Sunday 23rd. Late registration will continue until the start of Day 2, Monday the 24th at 12:00 noon.

The $1,100 Main Event will take place on Tuesday the 25th. On the same day, Days 1A and B are performed, while on the 26th two other days are performed: 1C and 1D.

All survivors will advance to Day 2 on the 27th. Here matches will be played until 24 players remain. These participants will battle it out for a final table seat on July 28, with a definitional event taking place on July 29, when the July Grand Champion will be announced.

On this final day, Mystery Bounty will also complete a tournament that will be played over multiple Enjoy Poker Tour The initial phase.

This week the Enjoy Poker Tour will be hosted by A...

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  • The text is introducing the ACR Poker Festival, a series of poker tournaments taking place from July 22-29. It mentions some of the key events and dates, such as the Turbo tournament and the Main Event, with a final table seat being contested on July 28 and the Grand Champion being announced on July 29.

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    This text is promoting a new poker festival called ACR Poker Festival, which is set to take place from July 22-29. It highlights key events, such as the Turbo and High Roller tournaments, and mentions that the final table seat and July Grand Champion will be determined on July 28 and 29 respectively.

  • This text is informing readers about the upcoming ACR Poker Festival, featuring various tournaments and events. It provides details on the schedule and significant prizes, creating anticipation for the event. Poker enthusiasts may be excited to participate and compete for the title of July Grand Champion.

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