This is the structure of the Aces of Araucania and Patagonia

This is the structure of the Araucania and Patagon...

As are Araucanian and Patagonian Aces structures. The first will be held in Temuco on April 29th, while the second will be held in Punta Arenas on May 26th.

Así es la estructura del Ases de la Araucanía y la Patagonía

Poker returns to Dreams Casino and it does it twice, on the one hand, this month we have Araucanía Aces and a new edition of Patagonian Aces .

The first competition will be held in Temuco April 29-30 with a buy-in of $300,000 CAD and the option to re-register unlimited times for the same value as the initial registration.

Event starts at 3:00pm , and the next day starts at 14:00. It should be noted that the physical strength limit of this game is 100 positions. If there are more players interested in playing than the maximum number allowed, a waiting list will be established so that in the event of a cancellation or cancellation of registration, players on the waiting list can register.

Players start with 20,000 chips and the blinds increase every 40 minutes. The extended login and re-entry opportunities end before the tenth level begins.

Grinders who register and bring their chips to the tournament table before the end of the second blind level (75-150) will receive a 3,000 chip bonus (this applies to first registrations only).

Nearly a month later, Dreams Casino in Punta Arenas is bringing back the classic Aces of the Patagonian poker game. On May 26th and 27th, this is a $300,000 buy-in event with an option to re-enter.

Like the Temuco event, this edition is limited to 70 players. The sale starts at 5pm and the next day at 2pm. The structure will be similar to that of Araucanía Aces.

These games are sure to be a hit, as poker’s recent return to Valdivia was played at the same chain of casinos and shattered attendance records.

This is the structure of the Araucania and Patagon...

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