Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette make a weird all-in move on GGPoker

Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette find themselves in...

Two top Brazilian players were involved in an interesting action at the $32.10 Bounty King Jr final table on GGPoker on Monday. A misclick from Bernardo Sette gave Saymon Dias a good chance to steal the pot, but it turned out to be an all-in/call – and a bust.

Samba Poker Team’s Saymon entered the final table with the second-smallest stack of nine players. He held A3 on the button and bet six big blinds on the UTG player’s 3-bet raise, seeing Bernardo immediately respond by raising to nine big blinds. Based on how fast his opponent was moving, Saymon realized this was a click miss and he had a chance to go all-in to steal the pot.

It’s a good idea – that is, if Bernardo, who was the chip leader at the time and was doing pretty well at the time, without AKO, dominated Saymon in the showdown. Fortunately for the samba player, 3 came on the flop, preserving the KSOP GGPoker South American Main Event title and cutting the stack.

Bernardo himself scoffed at the situation: “When you start tanking, I say, ‘I’m pretty sure he’s going to go all-in.’ “A few hands later, Saymon held AA on the button and was called by Bernardo, who had a small stack. On the flop of 873, both players checked; on the turn of 5, Saymon bet and Samba The team player called; the river showed a 6, Bernardo bet again, and his opponent called. With KK, Bernardo lost more chips at the final table.

South American KSOP GGPoker Champion, platform nickname ” SpreadingLove”, dropped to sixth place and earned $1,713; on the other hand, the samba player dropped to third place and earned $2,915.

Saymon Dias and Bernardo Sette find themselves in...

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    The text describes an interesting poker hand between two Brazilian players at a final table. Saymon Dias was able to capitalize on a misclick from Bernardo Sette, ultimately leading to his victory in the tournament.

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    This text describes an interesting hand played between two top Brazilian players at the final table of a poker tournament on GG Poker. The misclick by one player led to a dramatic hand and ultimately impacted the results of the tournament for both players.

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