Ricardo Nagatomo is now among Brazil’s top 10 award winners.

In the last five years, Brazilian poker has accomplished a great deal, making it a point of reference for the game played online. Prize pools have grown to levels previously inconceivable to those who have followed the game from its infancy thanks to these outcomes. The top 10 prize pools saw another significant increase on Tuesday as Ricardo Nagatomo won the Anniversary Sunday Million.

Ricardo has won the ninth online poker prize in Brazil, a cool million dollars, after defeating 39,499 other players. A member of the Like A Boss Poker Team made the list, besting Luis Felipe Taveira, another Brazilian and the 2018 winner of the same event.

An other plausible option is that just one of the top 10 prize pools is less than $1 million. With $960,000, Taveira ranks tenth. It should also be mentioned that Brazil has not won a seven-figure award at any time since 2022. Edson Tsutsumi’s record-breaking reward and Nagatomo’s record-breaking prize were separated by precisely 563 days.

In February of 2023, The Venom’s runner-up, superstar Bruno Jardim, dropped from the list. The miner had “accidentally” played a satellite and made it into the tournament that day, winning $922,000. The recent update clarified that the minimum score required to place in the top 10 is steadily increasing, with nine million dollar awards already awarded.

Winner of the largest reward ever awarded, Edson Tsutsumi Jr.

See the full top ten here:

Edson Tsutsumi came in first with $1,907,034. (Vice Main Event WSOP Online – 2021)

Eduardo Pires came in second with $1,384,013. (Champion – Millionaire Maker WSOP 2021)

AAAArthur (Alex Brito) comes in third with $1,192,806. (Champion – 2020 Anniversary Sunday Million)

Danilo “dans170” Demétrio came in fourth, with $1,187,553. (Vice – Main Event High WCOOP 2019)

Fifth place: $1,113,330 for Ramon Kropmann’s “PORKNOMAR” (Champion – The Venom 2021)

Caio Almeida “Ez4ENCE” ($1,072,428) places sixth (Vice – Millionaire Maker WSOP 2020)

Seventh place: $1,050,559 for Rafael Moraes “TheBigKid” (Champion – The Venom 2019)

Joo Simo “galodoido13” placed eighth with $1,039,982. (Champion – The Venom 2019)

One million dollars go to #9, “RFN1986” by Ricardo Nagatomo (Champion – Sunday Million Anniversary 2023)

Luis Felipe Taveira, aka “Hulk9950,” took tenth place and $960,000. (Champion – Sunday Million Anniversary 2018)

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