Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning the Battle Royale at Winamax

Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning th...

Yesterday, the Regular Championship and the final, WSOP Mini Championship Tournament were the focus of Winamax. fres .

Tuesday, 235-digit grand prize tournaments were organized in France and distributed€502,000prize.

In 3 competitions, the winners received prizes worth more than 6,000 Euros.

  • Recebaaaa” won the Battle Royale worth 200 Euros and took home the biggest prize of the day: 7 Euro,675. 14.
  • BonSommeil” conquered the 50€ Prime Time and received 6€, 334. 09.
  • quepassahoy” won 6€,945,87HighRoller.

WSOP Champions Tournament Mini Freeroll featured 85 players and ended with victory for “JopenJardoev” and won €2,975.

In terms of prize pools, 6 races surpassed the €30,000 jackpot:

  • Mystery KO €50 (€31,000).
  • Battle Royale (€39,000).
  • After get off work (€38,000).
  • Mystery KO10€ (€34,000).
  • Golden Hour (€51,000).
  • High Roller (€33,000).

A new day of regular tournament awaits us today.

Recebaaaa wins the award of the day for winning th...

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  • Krystel.roberts

    This text provides a summary of the recent tournaments and prize distributions organized by Winamax, a France-based online poker platform. It mentions the winners and their corresponding cash prizes, as well as the sizeable prize pools in some of the tournaments. Overall, it highlights the exciting and competitive nature of these events for poker players.

  • This text appears to be a recap of the previous day’s poker tournaments and winners on the Winamax platform, highlighting the various prize amounts won by different players. It also mentions upcoming regular tournaments for the next day.

  • The text highlights the results of various poker tournaments, including the distribution of significant prize money. It also mentions upcoming tournaments and the anticipation for the next day’s events.

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