Poker and the World Cup: GGPoker’s recipe for combining both

Whether you are a soccer fan or not, and whether you are familiar with the world of betting or not, the way in which GGPoker has integrated the upcoming World Cup into its poker tournament lobby will pique your attention.

Bet&Go tournaments will be the means by which the effects of what occurs on the field will be conveyed to the tables in real time and with many variables influencing its growth.

Each competition will correspond with a World Cup match, with involvement commencing upon registration. You will have the chance to pick your favorite team for that specific match, and you will get a discount on the tournament buy-in based on the probability of preference of each team.

The video will show it more clearly. The illustration shows a match between the Netherlands and Qatar, in which the European team is the obvious favorite. Therefore, if you choose to join up for the tulips’ side, the buy-in will be much more than for those who wager on the hosts, despite being lower than normal. The odds will change in real time based on the result of the game.

Choosing the lowest buy-in is not the only option, since if your team loses, you are ousted from the event.

The first actual instance is the Bet&Go Qatar-Ecuador tournament related with the first match. The event has a $10 buy-in and a $50,000 guarantee.

Those who are confident in the chances of the home team can enter the tournament for $3.63 (at the time the information was gathered by Pokernews), while South American fans will receive a discount that leaves the entry fee at $5.37, slightly higher because their team is slightly favored in the betting.

Each fluctuation of the score, which is monitored live on the screen, has innumerable ramifications. Players who believe their team is destined to lose may play wildly in an attempt to buy back at a tiny discount.

A goal in the last minute of a match may wipe out half a lobby in an instant, and anybody who correctly predicts an upset, which might be a draw between a modest club and one of the favorites, can obtain access to the guaranteed rewards with a very little buy-in. An incredible comeback in the last minutes of a match is possible.

In the case of a tie, no one suffers any losses. In any event, after the 90 minutes are over, even if it is a knockout, extra time will not be considered, and the competition will proceed according to its usual format.

Obviously, these events will not be accessible from Spain, since GGPoker lacks a license to operate in our country, but what do you think of the suggestion? To add excitement to a Japan-Costa Rica, perhaps?

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