Pedro Padilha Finishes 2nd in ACR Sunday HR Competition

In Most recently, the Americas Poker Room Sunday High Roller was one of the major online Sunday tournaments bringing huge prize money to Brazilian poker. The competition has been won several times by Brazilians and this Sunday (04) Pedro Padilha finished second.

PeDeAnjo7 had 953 entries in the $630 buy-in event. “Known as Padilha at the ACR tables, finished second after a tough one-up challenge. Pedro took home $74,334.

Also at the final table was Alpha Leonardo Alcantara, “FIFUGatinho”, who is seeking his second tournament title after a recent win, left the table with a handsome $29,447.

With the Austrian Heads-up on “LoveMondays”, Pedro was in the lead for most of the time, but missed the call and his opponent had to fold. However, the most important hand of the match came in the tie.

The board showed three spades. Pedro Padilha hit two pair and eventually called his opponent’s all-in on the river. “LoveMondays” showed a spade flush and took almost all of his chips.

Pedro doubled up three times, but the Austrian decided to miraculously draw a straight and seal the tournament title. Passing, Padilha saw the board complete the “LoveMondays” call with his and then on the river Practiced.

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