Juan Pardo is on his way to winning the SuperMillion$, Spain’s largest online poker payout.

GGPoker SuperMillion$ The final preparations for the World Music Festival special edition are coming soon. Set a prize, never before has a Spanish player won an online poker game.

1,107 entrants exceeded the huge $10,000,000 guaranteed deposit. The first prize in the final prize pool could be $1,518,400, which is very, very close to what one of our own players won.

All of them, of course our best players I’m chasing that ball. Sergi Reixach streamed his second day live, putting him in 49th place. Location ($40,664). Ignacio Moron got closer and finished in 30th place ($55,142).

Another player still looking for a million dollar prize, and he’s about to find it? Juan Pardo currently leads the finalists, more than twice as far as runner-up Sven Anderson of Sweden.

Malaka is about to look back at his 100+ BB performance in such an overwhelming situation at ICM, as it is uncommon to manage such a stack by completing such a large tournament with only eight eliminations.

In any case, Juan appears to have received at least $191,350 from the Financial Times in the event of an apocalyptic disaster, and he has five over fifty million dollar prize. This is a huge opportunity and there is no one more skilled and reliable than Juan.

20:30, you can watch different Spanish and English game language channels on your favorite streaming platform. Pick your favorite narrator and bring as much good vibes to Malacca as possible. Good luck!

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