Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets stay at home at 2023 WSOP

Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets sta...

The penultimate day of the 54th World Series Main Event took place this Sunday, with three podium finishers The number of members from the competition has been defined. Steven Jones initially had the upper hand in the three-handed game that began Monday afternoon thanks to a 238,000,000 chip stack in the previous hand. Daniel Weinman is next with 199,000,000,000 points and Adam Walton with 165,500,000 points, and he has every chance of making a comeback to win the $12,100,000 and order reserved for the champion. The coveted gold bracelet. Each of them has an expected income of at least $4,000,000.

Maceiras took the Hispanic title at the World Series of Poker and finished a respectable eighth.

Not since John Cynn After winning the title, the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will feature an American as the shining champion of the Main Event. In fact, after the penultimate race of this Sunday’s marathon, the three members of the podium will be representatives of the host country of the World Series. This was determined by the elimination of German Jan-Peter Jachtmann, who 3-bet KQ for the last 27 big blinds he had over 4 hands. Adam Walton, who made the move on the first raise, didn’t need to think twice before calling with his pair of aces. The cards didn’t help the German player, who fell to the Seattle player with 165,500,000 in chips, the shortest of the three players in the Successor Showdown. Norway’s Espen Jorstad recently won the Most Popular Tournament in the Intellectual Discipline Classic.

Steven Jones leads the chip count ahead of the start of the WSOP 2023 final day of the Main Event.

The new World Championship of Poker will begin at 12:00 noon Las Vegas time. If time goes on, the advantage will go to Steven Jones thanks to his 238,000,000 chip win on Sunday. His partner is Daniel Weinman, and he brings a $199,000,000 bankroll to the conference that will attract the attention of poker fans around the world. These differences aren’t that big when you measure stack sizes in terms of blinds. Jones has a stack equivalent to 119 required majors, while Weinman has 100 and Walton has 83. Stakes are 1,000,000/2,000,000 with a 2,000,000 ante; therefore, count control may change with the first significant pot in this 3-handed tournament.

Each podium finisher is guaranteed at least $4,000,000, but all three will be on the lookout for $12,100,000, which, along with the summer’s most coveted bracelet, will Reserved as loot for whoever has all the chips. This is the highest value prize awarded to the winner of the 54th $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship. It is understood that this WSOPMain Event broke the record number of participants with 10,043 registrations. Due to the large number of participants, the prize pool is as high as US$99,399,900, which is unbelievable. Participants were reduced to 1,057. Here are the prize pools for this three-handed WSOP 2023 Event #76 tournament:

1st place: $12,100,0002nd place : $6,500,000Third place: $4,000,000.

2022: Espen Jorstad(Norway) $10,000,0002021: Koray Aldemir(Germany) $8,000,0002020: Damian Salas(Argentina) $1,550,969 + $1,000,000 *. 2019: Hossein Ensan (Iran/Germany) $10,000.0002018: John Cynn (USA) $8,800,0002017: Scott Blumstein (USA) US$8,150,000US$2016: Qui Nguyen (USA) US$8,005,$3102015: Joe McKeehen (USA) $7,683,3462014: Martin Jacobson (Sweden) $10,000,0002013: Ryann Riess (USA) $8,361,570

* Salas won the atypical version of the 2020 World Series of Poker. Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic that has contributed to the spread of Covid-19, the Argentine had to win in a mixed version of the tournament, where he first won the non-American Players Championship and then played against North America in the so-called heads-up, interspersed World Cup. National Champion Joseph Herbert vs. To win the bracelet in this tumultuous 2020, Damian overcame a complex online stage before reaching the final of the international stage of the Rozvadov event and Eventually met Herbert in Las Vegas.

Jones, Weinman and Walton ensure top bracelets sta...

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  • The text provides an update on the penultimate day of the 54th World Series Main Event in poker. It highlights the chip counts and rankings of the three remaining players and mentions the large prize money at stake. It also mentions previous champions and their winnings from past years. Overall, the text is informative and provides details about the ongoing event.

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