Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker Career Experience

Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker...

Managed YouTube channel Run it Once received their new employee Jason Koon’s first video for the school.

The third most award-winning Live Circuit player in school history, he chose as the subject of his audiovisual work all that he had learned during his eleven-year career to “increase my efficiency and avoid major Mistakes”, covering all areas involved in a professional life in poker: accounting, travel, strategy, etc…

The topics Koon discusses in his conversation to the camera are:

Strategy and pressure.

The most important thing when playing is your mood.

“I was in Jeju Island, slept for an hour, and by three o’clock…” I got a call that morning asking to play a game that was probably the most expensive game I’d ever played. I had trouble calculating my ante and ended up going all-in on a hand because I calculated the pot incorrectly.

If you’re in a hurry to get into the game, it’s even more worthwhile to “check in” a few minutes late, take the time to decompress and listen to a few songs to lift your mood. Do some exercise before playing. “

He is an advocate of a very specific self-help technique.

“Visualization, seeing yourself lifting a tournament trophy or winning a wad of cash. “A successful training session helps turn those goals into something tangible and achievable.”

Koon also emphasizes that goals in poker are usually long-term and that’s how you should achieve them .

“If you look back at the beginning of my career, it seemed like it took me years to win my first game. “A lot of that is due to luck. Of course, my game wasn’t as consistent as it is now, but compared to the level I played at and the fields I faced, I wasn’t bad at all. But poker isn’t always It’s the ones that pay off for you in the short term.

Ultimately, it’s the people who stay on track and succeed and avoid catastrophic mistakes. If you keep working and being passionate, eventually you will get results.

I’m often very critical of myself when things don’t go well, but one day I asked David Benefield how to do that. As he said, he was dealing with seven-figure swings that sometimes hit him in a single day. situation, he said he would keep going until the pain stopped.”

Travel and Finance

“I feel overwhelmed by all these people traveling, sometimes across multiple time zones and arriving on time for games. Give yourself some time to adjust and arrive early.”

Me Early Another mistake made is looking for tournaments and thinking, “Hey, look, a main event with a $2 million prize pool and I have to travel there and take the money with me. That’s not how you should approach travel.” >

You need to calculate your costs, the ROI of the festival and the number of hours you will put into it, and determine how profitable the trip will be before you go First plane to venue Time is precious.

For example, when it comes to move exchanges or prop bets at festivals, I have a WhatsApp conversation with myself and write down all the moves in that style. I pay someone a Rio chip and I write that Details and why, when I make a trade I keep all the details clearly, for example if the ball can be repurchased or if only one ball is exchanged. There’s nothing worse than thinking you hit a second pitch that you didn’t think was part of the deal and you win the game and end up in arbitration and you have to pay a portion of the bonus you didn’t expect. ”


“Be strict with yourself when it comes to planning and taking breaks. A guy like Erik Seidel has been playing drums for 40 years and he never lacks time to have lunch with his daughter or spend time with his wife. He’s not one of those 350-day-a-year A degenerate hanging out in the casino. This is not sustainable.

I had to take a break from the WSOP this year. I needed a few weeks to get some fresh air and come back ready for the upcoming tournaments More preparations. The holidays are left behindRespect

“My best early memories come from online battles with other players. They could be fewer, they could be friendlier, but in the end you have to remember that we are all the same and we all strive to be one. We Living by the game, we all suffer the same. That’s why we must respect each other.

For casual players, we must be like their host table, we are ambassadors for poker.

This doesn’t mean giving up your individuality, you just have to respect them.

Jason Koon Shares Eleven Years of Successful Poker...

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  • This text provides valuable insights and advice from professional poker player Jason Koons on various aspects of being successful in the poker industry. Koons emphasizes the importance of mindset, self-care, goal-setting, and organization in order to achieve success in the long run. His personal experiences and mistakes serve as valuable lessons for aspiring poker players. The text also highlights the importance of balancing professional life with personal time and the significance of taking breaks for mental and emotional well-being. Overall, the text offers practical advice and a realistic perspective on what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive world of professional poker.

  • This text provides valuable insights from poker player Jason Koons on various aspects of professional poker life, such as strategy, visualization, travel, finance, and time management. Koons emphasizes the importance of mood, proper planning, and self-critique in maintaining success in the poker world. The text also highlights the long-term nature of poker goals and the significance of avoiding catastrophic mistakes. Overall, the text offers practical advice for aspiring poker players and emphasizes the importance of discipline, resilience, and continuous self-improvement.

  • This text provides valuable insights and advice from professional poker player Jason Koon on how to improve efficiency and avoid major mistakes in the poker world. Koon emphasizes the importance of mood, visualization, goal-setting, and self-critique in order to succeed in poker. He also stresses the significance of proper planning when it comes to travel and finance, highlighting the need to calculate costs and determine profitability before embarking on trips for tournaments.

    Overall, the text offers a comprehensive look at the various aspects involved in maintaining a successful career in poker and underscores the importance of discipline, preparation, and respect in the industry. It is a useful resource for aspiring poker players looking to enhance their skills and mindset for long-term success.

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