In the results of the first Triton London event, Juan Pardo made the final table and Roberto Perez took the cash.

In the results of the first Triton London event, J...

The Spanish player made his debut in the Triton London Series with plenty of appeal for high rollers.

GGPoker Live Millions 25k $ Going into day two, there is an excess of players relative to the prizes involved. Roberto Perez and Juan Pardo outperformed the bubble and took advantage of it to make money.

The cash specialist turned a profit on his Triton debut and weathered the storm. The price went up twice before settling on 19. Placement ($48,600).

Malaka went one step further in the competition and managed to appear in the first photo of the finalists won at this festival.

The stakes are high and so is the adrenaline level of the player. 📈 These players are ready for the final showdown at the live final table of Event #1 $25k GG Million$. 🔥

🇩🇪Manuel Zapf, 🇨🇦Lucas Greenwood, 🇬🇧@SquidPoker, 🇧🇷Pablo Brito Silva, 🇩🇰@ hhecklen, 🇬🇧 Oliver Bissell, 🇲🇾…

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) July 28, 2023

Juan started the last event short-stacked with 20bb, but since there are six players under 30bb, you can expect anything. The Malaga player was quickly dropped from the group. In the first hand he played, he lost a raise and a follow-on flush, and in the second hand, he suffered a loss with a 3-bet of AJ and a 4-bet with KK from Bithell fold.

Juan saved 7bb worth thousands of dollars and Malaka doubled up in the big blind and then repeated it on a flop with Hecklen.

Although the rewards are generous, they are not out. . Almost every hand has AK, KK or Broadway combinations, but there are also plenty of disciplined folds. In the end, Sam Grafton lost to Hecklen in a JJ

The Spaniard ended up disbelieving the 3-bet streak at the table and resisted chip leader Manuel Zapf with A5, but the German held JJ (8th) , $109,800). Juan also gets his first money in Triton.

Zapf, an avid traveler on the European circuit with multiple tournament appearances over the past decade, used every resource his massive chip stack had to offer to control the game and hit the target HU, but The only non-Triton Series rider on the podium was Lucas Greenwood, who took the victory.

Purchase for Event #2 is the same as Live Million $, allowing festival participation to be estimated even without online qualifiers.

Entries reached 120. For the Hispanics, Roberto Perez and Ignacio Moron repeated the game, but this time neither of them made it to Day 2.

Today’s rematch will be especially exciting due to the 27 survivors Only one Seth Davies in the tournament reached 40bb and did not exceed too much.

In the results of the first Triton London event, J...

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  • This text provides an overview of the Triton London Series poker tournament, highlighting notable players and their performances. It mentions the high stakes and level of excitement in the competition, as well as the presence of certain players at the final table. Additionally, it mentions the participation of Spanish players and their results so far in the tournament.

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    This text provides an update on the performance of Spanish players in the Triton London Series, highlighting their success and challenges. It mentions specific players and their experiences during the event, including wins, losses, and chip stacking strategies.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the Triton London Series event, highlighting the performances of various players including Juan Pardo and Manuel Zapf. It also mentions the intense competition and high stakes involved in the tournament. Overall, it seems like a thrilling and competitive event for high rollers in the poker world.

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