‘HIGHVOLTAGE’ beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

'HIGHVOLTAGE' beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

Every player knows that Wednesday’s Suprema tournament is just as busy as Sunday’s straight tournament. KOSS’s dominance in the world’s top leagues makes the competition even more tense.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” defeated 2,085 entries in Event 126: $550 No Limit Hold’em High Roller to win $138,156.

On the other hand, “FcGorgota” won $3,000 NL Hold’em High Roller Tournament or Event139. He won R$ 92,841 after 152 other players took part.

May I introduce you to the other winners:

Mysterious NL Hold’em Tournament worth R$150 (1,141 entrants)

Prize: 19,606 R$ (I will pay)

$750 PL Omaha 5 Card Event #13​​​0 (140 entrants)

Tempranillo. R$ 28,154

$80 NL Hold’em Mystery Event is a Activity 123. (882 entrants)

JooDaBr0ca, you won R$7,920.

'HIGHVOLTAGE' beats $138,000 high rollers at KOSS.

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  • Emery.mcglynn

    This text appears to be a recap of various poker tournaments, highlighting the winners and the prize money they received. The mention of the Suprema tournament being busy and the dominance of KOSS in top leagues adds to the competitiveness of the competition.

  • Kautzer.jailyn

    The text highlights the competitive nature of the Suprema tournament on Wednesdays and the dominating presence of KOSS in the top leagues. It also mentions various winners from different poker events, demonstrating the diversity of skilled players in the competitions.

  • Howell.dubuque

    The text highlights the intense competition in high stakes poker tournaments, with players like HIGHVOLTAGE and FcGorgota emerging as winners. The mention of various events and winners showcases the diversity and skill level of the players in the poker community.

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