Hernandez tops Day 1B roster at Vallarta Open

Inaugural Tournament final match between Winclub Platinum Vallarta and Moises Hernandez in Mexico His name was at the top of the leaderboard that day.

At Winclub Casino, a total of 80 entries won 200,000 MXN Guaranteed largest portion of the prize pool.

This time, only 12 players managed to get chips for the next round, Hernandez added a new car to reach 279,000. The list also includes players Sebastian Reynoso , Jesus Fernandez and US Brian Bernacki .

The agenda will continue this Monday when the Apertura Championship winner will be announced. Day 1A of the Main Event (6,000 MXN buy-in) has begun, as has the High Roller (20,000 MXN buy-in) . The total guaranteed prize pool for both tournaments is 4 million Mexican Pesos in total.

Winclub Platinum Vallarta continues

On the other hand, there are Second Chances and coveted Mystery Bounties and Buy-Ins – 3,000 Mexican pesos in the program. For those who enjoy the excitement of cash games, Winclub Platinum Vallarta also offers a Cash Festival on the same tournament dates.

All information can be found on the Festival website and Official Fabebook website where accommodation options and special offers can be found.

Day 1A & Day 1B Opening Qualifiers – Winclub Platinum Vallarta

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  • This text provides information about the final match of the Inaugural Tournament between Winclub Platinum Vallarta and Moises Hernandez in Mexico. It also mentions the prize pool, other players involved, and upcoming events in the tournament. The text highlights the various offerings available at Winclub Platinum Vallarta, including cash games and special offers.

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    This text describes the excitement and success of the Inaugural Tournament final match at Winclub Platinum Vallarta in Mexico, where Moises Hernandez emerged as the top player. The tournament had a total prize pool of 200,000 MXN with only 12 players advancing to the next round. Additionally, there are other events and cash games happening at the casino, making it a must-visit destination for poker enthusiasts.

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