Friday is a busy day at KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza

The High Roller One-Day Event is a new event on th...

Day three of KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza will be one of the busiest days on the schedule. The event offers attractions for all types of players, and to complete the good selection, a new feature will become part of the grid. This is the One Day High Roller, and it promises to attract very qualified entrants.

The one-day event includes a buy-in of R$6,000 and 25-minute blinds. HR has a one-day guarantee of up to R$250,000 and the game is scheduled to start at 3:00 PM. HR One Day will be broadcast on MundoTV screens as the tournament progresses and the final table is formed.

Another match that will air this Thursday is Progressive KO. Now, on its final day, the $2,500 BRL tournament returns with qualifiers that are sure to be very close. Regular play resumes at 2:00 p.m. Meanwhile, the main event of the series features another qualifier, Day 1B. The buy-in fee is R$3,000. The main event of Day 1C will also take place at 10 p.m.

One of the many highlights of Friday was the women’s event. The women’s exclusive tournament will take place today at 4 p.m. The buy-in for this women’s event is R$600, with a guaranteed prize pool of R$10,000. It’s worth noting that tournaments count towards points in the KSOP GGPoker Women’s Ranking.

View Friday’s full schedule:

Time Tournament Buy- in Guaranteed Blinds

13:00 Main Event Subs R$ 300 – 10 min 14 :00 Prog KO – Final Day – 30 minutes 14:00 Main Event – Day 1B R$ 3,000 – 60 minutes 15:00 High Roller Prog KO – One Day R$ 6,000 R$ 250,000 25 minutes 15:00 NLH – 6max R$ 1,000 R$ 50,000 R$ 20 minutes 16:00 Women’s event R$ 600 R$ 10,000 20 minutes 17:00 PLO R$ 1,500 R$ 50,000 20 minutes 19:00 Mega Deep R$ 2,000 R$ 80,000 R$ 80,000 20 minutes 22:00 Main Event – ​​Day 1C (Turbo) R$ 3,000 – 30 minutes 23:00 Single Re-entry Turbo R $1,000 R$30,000 15 minutes

The High Roller One-Day Event is a new event on th...

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  • Sigmund.wilkinson

    This text outlines a busy day of events at the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza, including a new One Day High Roller with a buy-in of R$6,000 and a guarantee of up to R$250,000. There are also qualifiers for the main event, a women’s exclusive tournament with a R$10,000 guaranteed prize pool, and other tournaments throughout the day.

  • Wuckert.izabella

    I think the text provides a comprehensive overview of the schedule and events happening on day three of the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza. It seems like there is a wide variety of tournaments available for all types of players, with high buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools. The inclusion of a new One Day High Roller event adds excitement to the lineup.


    This text provides a detailed schedule of the upcoming events at the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza, including various tournaments with different buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools. It highlights the new One Day High Roller event, as well as the women’s exclusive tournament with points counting towards the Women’s Ranking. Overall, it seems like a busy and exciting day for poker players of all levels.

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