Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Super Circuit 5 FT

Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Su...

After winning the Sunday Million, Emmanuel de Sousa is just a few eliminations away from winning another major online tournament, the GGMasters High Roller. In the frozen version of the WSOP Super Circuit, the grinder failed in 4-hand mode. In total, he won $94,831.

Emanuel was close to the front-runner early in the Financial Times. He went all-in preflop when he busted with A♥A♣ against compatriot Emanuel Oliveira, who held A?K♠. The board of 7\6\7\9♣8♠ did not surprise Emmanuel and he won the pot. Meanwhile, Emanuel finished ninth, earning $22,487.

At the next level, Vinícius “vng” Gonçalves was also eliminated. Holding A♦Q♣, he raised to 420,000, leaving only 228,792. “Hey Guy” then called and saw a flop of 9♥5♠6♥. Vinicius declared all-in and was called again. With A♥A♣, “Hey Guy” went all-in on the 7♥ on the turn and 4♣ on the river. Vinícius was eliminated in eighth place for $29,988.

Looking for another valuable wage jump, Emmanuel “Hey Guy” went all-in and saw the Austrian call with A♣7♣. Holding A♠10♣, the Brazilian faced a 4♠5♥4CheckJ♥K♥ hand and had to split the pot with his opponent.

“Hey Guy” didn’t stop there and made a move to double his chips against Emanuel. With all the finalists so close, three of them offered trades, but “4StrongManANIP” was undeterred.

In the lead pot, Emmanuel also ran into AA and lost his chips. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 80,000/160,000, the ante was 20,000, and Emmanuel raised to 320,000 straight from UTG. To his left, “Hey Guy” has grown to 800,000. Making another move, Emmanuel pushed his stack of 3,747,121 into the middle of the table. “Hey guy” called the Instacall and reported A♣A♠. With 9♥9♣, Emmanuel had no chance at the J 10♣2♥6♥8♣ table.

Emanuel de Sousa crashes into AA and exits WSOP Su...

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  • This text provides a detailed recount of a poker tournament, focusing on specific hands and outcomes. It showcases the ups and downs of the players involved, including wins and losses, ultimately highlighting the unpredictable nature of poker.

  • This text describes Emmanuel de Sousa’s journey in online poker tournaments, including his successes and eliminations. Despite facing tough competition and strong hands, Emmanuel showed determination and skill throughout the games.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Emmanuel de Sousa’s performance in various online poker tournaments, showcasing his highs and lows. Despite coming close to winning another major tournament, he ultimately faced tough competition and was eliminated with a strong hand, highlighting the unpredictability of poker.

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