CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Championship

CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Cha...

The 17th season of the Spanish Poker Championship is about to kick off with CEP Barcelona, which will be held from February 29 to March 10 at Casino Barcelona. This will be the first date of the year, with five stops promising plenty of action, with two stops in Barcelona certainly standing out.

Barcelona Casino General Is attracting a large number of players, especially in the month of August,CEP is held from the 14th to the 25th from August. Organized in conjunction with EPT Barcelonathis ensures an influx of the public that goes beyond the Iberian borders and discovers a field full of foreigners.

Casino Barcelona in all its glory.

This is what CEP 2024 will look like

Presented by PokerStars, Spain’s top poker circuit will return after the most crowded year in its history last year, with a total of 6,206 entrants in the Main Event. In addition to consolidating CEP Barcelona in August 2023 as the biggest stage in the circuit’s history Between EPT and ESPT.

CEP Barcelona, ​​Starstop of the Spanish Poker Cha...

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  • I think that the upcoming season of the Spanish Poker Championship, starting with CEP Barcelona, will be an exciting event with a lot of action, especially considering the success of last year’s event. It’s great to see the growth and popularity of the event, with Casino Barcelona attracting players from all over the world.

  • This text highlights the upcoming 17th season of the Spanish Poker Championship starting with CEP Barcelona in February. The event promises plenty of action with an influx of foreign players, particularly during the August date in conjunction with EPT Barcelona. Casino Barcelona is sure to be bustling with excitement for poker enthusiasts.

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