“cAAtuco” Cracks Suprema’s Super HighS

“cAAtuco” Cracks Suprema’s Super HighS

‘cAAtuco’ was declared winner of the R$2,500 Super HighS in a very tight straight race at Suprema Brazil on Wednesday 3rd. With his victory, his balance increased by 55,918 reais. There were 69 contestants in this competition.

In the R$300 Battle HR competition, “Jucilei88” stood out from 981 players and won first place with a prize of R$47,769. View other results:

View other results:

R$ 750 HighS (124 entries)

Winner: “MUDINFRIO” R $29,142

R$10 Big Plus (5,377 entrants)

Winner: “McLovin420” R$ 21,914

550 Omax HR (93 entries)

Winner: “PayToOpen” €18,793

“cAAtuco” Cracks Suprema’s Super HighS

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  • The text provides a summary of different winners and their prizes in various competitions that took place in Suprema Brazil. It appears that cAAtuco and Jucilei88 emerged victorious in their respective competitions, winning significant amounts of money and increasing their balances.

  • This text provides an overview of various winners and prizes in different competitions held in Brazil. It highlights the financial gains of the winners and the number of participants in each competition.

  • Carolina.jacobs

    It seems like ‘cAAtuco’ and ‘Jucilei88’ had impressive victories in their respective competitions, winning significant prize money. It’s great to see so many participants and high stakes in these events.

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