Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ketzer win

Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ke...

The bar has been raised! Even a $1,000,000 prize pool won’t guarantee a place in the top ten of Brazil’s online MTT following Felipe Ketzer’s stellar performance at The Venom. In another fantastic ACR Poker Main Event, the Rio Grande do Sul man won $1,146,260, the country’s top prize money for 2023.

Prior to Ketzer’s historic victory, 10 other Brazilians also won seven-figure MTTs on PokerStars, GGPoker and ACR Poker. Check them out:

2019 WSOP Online Main Event

Edson Tsutsumi Jr. (2nd) $1,907,035

WSOP Millionaire Maker 2021

Eduardo Pires (1st Place) $1,384,013

2020 Anniversary Millionaire

Alex Brito (1st place) $1,192,806

2019 WCOOP Main Event

Danilo Demétrio (2nd place) – $1,187,553

The Venom 2023

Felipe Ketzer (2nd place) $1,146,260

The Venom 2021

Ramon Kropmanns (1st place) $1,113,330

WSOP Millionaire Maker 2020

Caio Almeida (2nd) $1,072,428

Venom 2019

Rafael Moraes (First Place) $1,050,559

Venom 2019

João Simão (First Place) $1,039,982

Main Event High SCOOP 2023

Felipe Boianovsky (1st Place) $1,036,199

2023 Anniversary Sunday Million

Ricardo Nagatomo (1st place) $1,000,000

In addition to his stellar performances in major tournaments, the Brazilian has also been involved in some millionaire promotions. In the 2015 season, Samara Brito and Marcus Antunes earned $1,000,000 just 13 days after winning the Spin & Spa Grand Prix. Go on PokerStars. Seven years later, the “Uber Celta” has even better luck on GGPoker. He also won a cash prize of $1,000,000.

Brazil hits 14 million online wins after Felipe Ke...

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  • Ruecker.ronaldo

    The text highlights the increasing competition and high prize pools in Brazil’s online poker tournaments, with Felipe Ketzer recently winning the country’s top prize money for 2023 at The Venom. It also mentions the previous seven-figure wins by other Brazilians on platforms like PokerStars, GGPoker, and ACR Poker.

  • This text highlights the impressive performances of Brazilian players in online poker tournaments, with several of them winning seven-figure prize pools. It emphasizes Felipe Ketzer’s recent victory at The Venom, earning him the country’s top prize money for 2023. Additionally, it mentions other notable wins by Brazilian players in various tournaments and millionaire promotions.

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