Blackmail for $2 million, Jensen kidnapping hypothesis

Blackmail for $2 million, Jensen kidnapping hypoth...

In late December, American poker player George Janssen was found covered in blood and his hands tied after missing for 35 days. The investigation revealed that his abduction may have been the result of an extortion incident about two years ago, when a robber demanded $2 million from him at a Detroit casino.

Since the amount was unavailable, he was directed to drive to another parking lot where he was given a mobile phone. Jensen said he had been in contact with his kidnappers for 35 days before he was found and received instructions and threats against his family, along with photos of his children.

In his last meeting before his disappearance, Jensen said finances were apparently depleted and $25,000 was handed over. He left on November 13 after promising to resolve financial issues, but did not return. Later that day, his car was found abandoned with a $50 bill on the ground.

Blackmail for $2 million, Jensen kidnapping hypoth...

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  • This text describes a chilling abduction case involving a poker player who was found severely injured after being missing for over a month. It highlights the possible motive behind the abduction and the communication between the victim and the kidnappers during his captivity.

  • This text describes a harrowing incident involving the abduction of a poker player who had been subject to extortion in the past. The details of his kidnapping and the threats made against his family are alarming and raise questions about the safety of individuals in high-stakes gambling environments.

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