At The Point Casino, the participant aimed a firearm at the dealer.

Cheaters enraged by their losses often threaten casino employees in American casinos. Obviously, in the majority of instances, the conflict is resolved verbally, and the casino personnel is qualified and knows how to deal in such circumstances.

Occasionally, though, the situation spirals out of hand and burnout players become a genuine danger to the lives of employees. And today’s tale is a prime example.

Washington’s casinos are quite popular and attract a broad clientele. Frequently, gamers use alcohol to increase their enthusiasm. Obviously, this is to the benefit of the gaming institution, as an intoxicated player will likely leave much more money behind.

Due to his lack of self-control, one of the intoxicated gamblers who was involved in a very sad incident at The Point Casino in Kingston will certainly wind himself behind prison.

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According to local media, the 24-year-old guy was consuming beer while playing cards at a table. The staff denied the player’s request to refill his glass vehemently when he requested a refill.

The unnamed guy merely bent over the poker table when he was denied drink after insisting that he had had enough. The individual then drew a firearm and aimed it at the dealer.

The player ultimately regained his composure and did not fire any rounds, but was seized and given over to the police by casino security. It is uncertain if he lost a substantial amount of money that day and whether he kept playing after being refused a drink.

When questioned by the local police, the player vehemently denied threatening the dealer with a firearm. However, after being shown security footage, the guy remained silent and lowered his head.

The breathalyzer revealed that the 24-year-old footballer had a reasonably modest blood alcohol concentration of 0.332 ppm (equal to one bottle of beer). This implies that the sorrow junkie would not be able to blame his behavior on alcoholism. True, the test was administered after the arrest, thus it is possible that some of the alcohol had already “weathered.” Now, the player is charged with illegal possession of a weapon and armed assault in the second degree.


  • This text describes an incident at a casino where an intoxicated gambler threatened a dealer with a firearm after being denied a drink refill. It highlights the potential dangers faced by casino employees and the consequences the player now faces, including charges of illegal possession of a weapon and armed assault.

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