A Brazilian footballer has been praised by Fintan Hand.

Watch this popular video from Fintan Hand about th...

The name Fintan Hand will be familiar to any poker fan who occasionally follows the game. The PokerStars streamer is often mentioned in the media for his extensive production of poker-related material; but he is also known for providing advice on a variety of other topics.

For example, he is the undisputed king of memes and constantly draws wild analogies between the poker scene and the poker scene. Other topics. Last week, “easywithaces” (his PokerStars name) had another viral hit on his TikTok page, which currently has over 90,000 followers. He has prepared a video in which he praises one of Brazil’s most outstanding football players in recent years since he became a fan.

Rogério Ceni is one of them. The greatest icon (according to some, the greatest icon in São Paulo history), the Irishman praised the goalkeeper throughout his career in a video over two minutes long, comparing him to Brazilian football giant Ronaldo Dinho, Zico, Pele and others have been compared.

To better understand those who don’t know Rogério Ceni, Fintan Hand has put together a list of Career overview. Rogério, the best goalkeeper in the world with 129 goals and current club coach, has made history. The video shows 59 goals from free kicks, 61 goals from penalties and 1 goal from regular shots

The goalkeeper played 25 times and 1,197 games for Sao Paulo, during which time he won many major tournaments such as the Brazilian Championship, Copa Libertadores and World Cup. and individual awards. In 2002, he won the World Cup with the Brazilian national team as the backup goalkeeper for Marcos and Dida.

In the video, Fintan Hand emphasized that this One thing should be clear to everyone, Rogelio is a legendary player. No doubt much of his international audience will now be aware of the former player’s achievements.

Watch this popular video from Fintan Hand about th...

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  • This text is praising Fintan Hand, also known as easywithaces, for his poker-related content and his ability to create viral videos on TikTok. It highlights one of his recent videos where he praises Brazilian football player Rogério Ceni and compares him to other football icons. It suggests that Fintan Hand’s international audience will now be aware of Rogério Ceni’s achievements.

  • Johnny.wunsch

    This text discusses Fintan Hand, a popular PokerStars streamer known for his poker-related content and advice on various topics. Recently, he gained attention for praising Brazilian football player Rogério Ceni in a viral TikTok video, highlighting Ceni’s impressive career as a goalkeeper and comparing him to other football legends.

  • I think the text paints Fintan Hand as a well-known figure in the poker community who also delves into other topics such as football. It highlights his admiration for legendary Brazilian goalkeeper Rogério Ceni and his viral TikTok video praising Ceni’s career achievements and skills.

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