10 Random Questions: Andressa Lincoln

10 Random Questions: Andressa Lincoln

Another episode of “10 Random Questions” comes to your screen during the KSOP GGPoker South America, now starring pro player and star Andressa Lincoln, a regular on the circuit.

Andressa has been active in the Brazilian poker scene for many years and is one of the main players at the table. She has already finished on the podium at the KSOP Women’s Championship and played Poker de Boteco with Laura Cintra a few years ago.

The numbers represent a random question – choose the number and answer the corresponding question. Interestingly, these questions are not limited to a specific topic.

Andressa answers questions like her favorite subject in high school, what she enjoys most at the poker table, her best poker friends, what she wants to have, what money can’t buy, and Some other topics.

10 Random Questions: Andressa Lincoln

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  • I think the text is engaging and provides an interesting insight into the professional poker player Andressa Lincoln. The 10 Random Questions format adds a unique twist to the typical interview format, allowing readers to learn more about Andressa beyond just her poker career.

  • I think the text is a fun and interesting way to get to know Andressa Lincoln, a professional poker player. The format of asking random questions allows us to learn more about her beyond just her poker skills. It’s a unique and engaging way to showcase her personality and experiences in the poker world.

  • Kuvalis.francesca

    This text highlights the introduction of pro player Andressa Lincoln on the KSOP GGPoker South America and her history in the Brazilian poker scene. The format of answering 10 random questions adds a unique element to the article, giving readers insight into Andressa’s personal experiences and preferences outside of poker.

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