WSOP Brazil: Eduardo Dantas leads day one of high rollers

Eduardo Dantas ends Day 1 of WSOP Brazil High Roll...

The WSOP Brazil 2024 High Roller begins on Monday (18th) with 89 entries and a prize of R$10,000. Of these, 39 contestants successfully advanced to the next stage of the competition, with a prize of R$ 1,500,000.

Topping the list is player Eduardo Dantas from Insight Poker Team. He sits atop the leaderboard with 823,000 chips. In second place is Darci Fantin, a businessman from Curitiba who manages 778,000 chips.

Léo Rizzo Always aggressive, he racked up a huge stack in just a few minutes and ended the day with 699,000 in chips. Vito Hugo (466,000), Gabriel Moraes (390,000), Bruno Sugan (372,000), Eduardo Cunha (314,000), Luis Kamei (312,000), Marco S Cage (266,000), Ricardo Nakamura (265,000), Lincoln Furukawa (260,000), Ricardo Suuza (222,000), Daniel Aziz (213,000), Juliana Vidal (208,000) ), Bruno Forster (201,000) and Daniel Noronha (194,000) also competed.

Registration closes Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. possible. Day 2 begins at 1:00 PM with blinds valued at 2,000/4,000, with larger blinds. It is expected that multiple players will participate again and the prize pool for the winner will be very large.

Look at the chip count on the first day:

Player Chip Count City UF Country Table Position Eduardo De Matos Dantas 823,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Table 5 Position 5 Darci Mario Fantin 778,000 Curitiba Brazilian Table 6 Position 8 Leonardo Mendonca Rizzo 699,000 São Paulo Brazilian Table 5 Position 1 Vitor Hugo 466,000 Brazilian Table 3 Position 1 Gabriel Antonio Carvalho De Morais 390,000 Aracaju SE Brazil Table 5 Position 8 Bruno Seige Sueoka 372,000 Sp SP Brazil Table 4 Position 3 Eduardo Paul Cunha 314,000 Itajaí Santa Catarina Brazil Table 3 Position 4 Luis Henrique Shinike Kamei 312,000 Brazil Table 6 Position 5 Francisco Neto 303,000 Brazil Table 6 1st Marcos Henrique Neves da Silva 266,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Table 5 7th Ricardo Kaoru Nakamura 265,000 Londrina Paraná Brazil Table 2 8th Lincoln Jose De Souza Furukawa 260,000 Brazil Table 5 4 Lucas · Lucas Ahmad Silveira De Freitas 223,000 foz doiguaçupr Brazil table 2 position 2 Ricardo Vasconcelos Souza Souza 222,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil table 4 position 1 Daniel Marques Aziz Aziz 213,000 Brazil 213,000 Brazil Table 3rd Place 2 Daniel Victor Noronha De Melo 194,000 Brazil Table 2nd Place 5 Iago Savino Peixoto 193,000 Brazil Table 1st Place 5 Waldir Francisco Guerra 183,000 Balneario Camboriu SC Brazil Table 4th Place 2 Thiago Mitoshi Tsukamoto 174,000 Sao Paulo SP Brazilian Table 2 No. 7 Juan Sebastian Fonseca Chaves 146,000 Jaguariúna Sao Paulo Colombian Table 2 No. 6 Durval Lara Ribeiro 141,000 Coritiba PR Brazilian Table 2 No. 3 Jose Carlos Barbosa 136,000 Brazilian Table 4 No. 7 Ramon Pessoa Vasconcelos 133,000 Brazilian Table 3 No. 7 Andre De Oliveira Sa 125,000 Brazilian Table 6 2nd place Peter son Machado dos Rice 122,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Table 6 4th Ariel Silveira Celestino 112,000 Brazilian Table 3 6th place Gregory Direito Soares Fabios 109,000 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazilian Table 5 2nd place George El -khouri 108,000 Teresopolis Brazil Table 2 Position 1 Pablo Almeida De Menezes 107,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Table 1 Position 4 Rodrigo Leandro Cardoso Rodrigues Araujo 102,000 Brazil Table 1 Position 2 Isabella Maria Lemos Costa 101,000 Sao Paulo Brazil Table 5 Position 6 Paulo Henrique Joanello 87, 000 library Ritibarana Brazil 1 1 Rafael Santos Cardoso Freire 81,000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4th place 4 Carlos Augusto Serrano Acevedo 80,000 Colombia Colombia Colombia 5th place Ronaldo Carreiro De Melo 75,000 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4th place 5 Ricardo Loyola De Souza 64,000 Brazil 4th place 8 Hanibaal El Saneh 59,000 Beirut LIB Lebanon Table 4 Position 6

Eduardo Dantas ends Day 1 of WSOP Brazil High Roll...

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