Wagner Ripper finishes third in the EPT Paris FPS High Roller.

On Monday, judgments were made at the EPT Paris, and Brazil was once again in contention for the championships of the circuit’s tournaments. Two Brazilians reached the final table at the €2,200 buy-in FPS Paris High Roller, and Wagner Ripper from So Paulo finished on the podium.

Wagner, along with a few Brazilians who joined him on the Final Day, mastered the last stretch of the event and advanced far, finishing third out of 910 competitors. The award for his accomplishment was €136,050, the most amount he has ever received for a leisure activity.

Felipe Ketzer, a high-stakes poker player, finished second in the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Paris and earned career earnings.

Wagner was one of the most aggressive players at the final table and ascended with a low stack to almost the top of the chip count, causing him some difficulty. Yet, the Frenchman Mohamed Mokrani was unbeatable, defeating opponents one by one and without allowing the chip lead to diminish.

Ripper produced a double-up of TT versus AK in a four-handed game and almost killed Bulgarian pro Simeon Spasov. Later, in 3-handed play, Mokrani maintained pressure and left Wagner with a small stack. Mohamed pushed the Brazilian to go all in with KT and then called with A6. The board 63JQQ aided his opponent and ruined Ripper’s stellar tournament performance.

Celso Sirtoli, from Caxias do Sul, should also be included. Regular in the Brazilian circuits, he opted to try his luck in France for the first time and has already accomplished a wonderful performance with an eighth-place finish and €36,650 in prize money. This was Sirtoli’s first ITM in Europe, however he was eliminated after he went all-in before the flip with 55 against Mohamed Mokrani’s A4.

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