Tonight, 24 players will compete for the Winamax Pokus Million win.

Yesterday, MTT players at Winamax.fres focused their attention on the Winamax Pokus tournaments. Throughout the course of the day, 15 events in the series concluded, awarding €758k in prize money. In addition, the Giant, the Five, the Magicus Mystery, and the Million were played on Day 2 of the multiflight events.

In addition, the red W room hosted 13 regular events with jackpots over €10,000, which awarded a total of €276k in winnings.

The summary begins with the multi-flight competitions. Today will be the final Day 3 of each tournament. This is the course of these events.

Winamax Pokus 01 Mystery Giant has a €120k maximum prize pool.

2 buy-in.

80,514 entries.


20 pot. 75 survivors.

Winamax Pokus 02 Five €200k Gtd.

5 buy-in.

88,046 entries.

396,207 pot. 86 survive.

Winamax Pokus 03 Magicus Mystery €600k Gtd.

20 buy-in.

37,995 entries.

683,910 pot. 36 survive.

Winamax Pokus 100 Million €1m Gtd.

50 buy-in.

19,691 entries.

1,000,000 pot.

24 survivors.

As for the tournaments that concluded yesterday, two of the Winamax Pokus tournaments offered rewards in the five-figure range. “Peace&Lovee” got €13,238.09 in WP-144, while “17-35” took home €12,226.77 in WP-148. Following closely was “BigZoowAAp” (€9,669.82).

The top reward of the day in the regular tournaments was won by “dash4fun,” who got €9,137.74 for winning the Battle Royale. “OUGA OUGA” won the HighRoller and received €8,487.51 in winnings.

The two largest events of the day featured six-figure prize pools: €113k in WP-122 and €102k in WP-148. There were 13 more MTTs with prize pools above €30,000.

Here are the complete results of yesterday’s Winamax Pokus tournaments:

Yokels (WP120. Prize pool: €3,603.99. Field: 9,615. Prize pool: €43,268).

BigZoowAAp (WP122. Prize: €9,669.82. Field: 6,282. Prize pool: €113,076).

VeRybAdbeAAt (WP143. Prize: €3,519.45. Field: €3,936. Prize pool: €35,424).

Peace&Lovee (WP144; Prize: £13,238.09; Field: 1,603; Prize pool: £72,135) was the winner of the contest.

alexpreto10 (WP145. Prize: €5,064.17. Field: 7,396. Prize pool: €33,282).

daniviev (WP146. Prize: €7,480.33. Field: 8,883. Prize pool: €80,000).

Lebreizh F0u (WP147. Prize: €8,821.52. Field: 4,613. Prize pool: €83,034).

17-35 (WP148. Prize: £12,226.77. Field: 2,284. Prize pool: £102,780).

Las de piks (WP149. Prize: €2,246.54. Field: 5,052. Prize pool: €22,734).

Ragalet (WP150. Prize: €914.49. Field: 209. Prize pool: €3,762).

BIG TILTS (WP151. Prize: £3,578.54. Field: 4,371. Prize pool: £40,000).

Ouspenskaya (WP152. Prize: €8,608.53. Field: 978. Prize pool: €44,010).

Azotamentez (WP153. Prize: €684.11. Field: 1,378. Prize pool: €6,201).

PaulTibbets (WP154. Prize: €4,119.43. Field: 2,161. Prize pool: €38,898). (WP155. Prize: €4,046.52. Field: €4,420. Prize pool: €39,780).

And the following are the outcomes of regular events with prize pools over €10,000:

Umbig0 (Tea Time €20. Prize: €3,058.17. Field: 1,369. Prize pool: €24,642).

piramidka (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,117.11. Field: 1,682. Prize pool: €30,276).

Dobro jutro (Mystery KO. Prize: €5,738.22. Field: 105. Prize pool: €24,255).

QCALVARIOJDR (Guerilla 5. Prize: €1,430.10. Field: 2,778. Prize pool: €12,501)


dash4fun (Battle Royale. Prize: €9,137.74. Field: 261. Prize pool: €48,024).

Pogacar (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,794.58. Field: 4,067. Prize pool: €18,302).

Field size: 655. Prize pool: €11,790.

bAl4nc3 (Xtase €100. Prize: €3,832.82. Field: 186. Prize pool: €16,740).

OUGA OUGA (€250 HighRoller. Prize: €8,487.51. Field: 145. Prize pool: €33,640).

ninoot (Flipper €20. Prize: €2,009.89. Field: 918. Prize pool: €16,524).

jeremaiie2.0 (Payback £10. Prize: £1,508.52. Field: 1,344. Prize pool: £12,096). H52M (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,963.98. Field: €1,902. Prize pool: €17,118) .

guerrero1mil (Dernier Round 20. Prize: €1,699.17. Field: 583. Prize pool: €10,494).

Today is a new day, and the Winamax Pokus events will be the primary emphasis.

Responsible gaming. Different strategies exist in online poker rooms to encourage responsible gambling (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

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