“Teedy” is the frontrunner in Suprema Brazil’s Battle HR.

Yesterday’s Suprema Brazil race was a must-see. On the Suprema Poker app’s feel, no player was more aggressive than “Teedy.” After defeating 537 opponents in the R$220 Battle HR 150K GTD, he secured the championship and a payout of R$30,808. “AlphaWhisky” and “PEOPLE” rounded out the podium, taking home R$15,074 and R$9,128 respectively.

In the R$ 550 HighS 100K GTD, “old guy” was the one who proclaimed victory. With the triumph, he added R$24,516 to his bankroll. This time, there were 158 participants in the competition. View the further results:

$15 Plus 50K GTD

1. “BellatrixXx” R$7,200

2. “Sandroloso” R$5,000

3. “Nankran03” R$3,475

Field: 3,677 submissions (1,416 unique) / Prize pool: $49,639

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