Piqué appeared in Prague to compete in the €50,000 High Roller.

EUROPEAN POKER TOUR Piqué appears in Prague to compete in the €50,000 High Roller

The former player did not want to miss the festival’s most costly competition, so he went to the Czech capital, where he has already spent two bullets and is in the battle.

Piqué apareció en Praga para jugar el High Roller €50K

Gerard Piqué, a former soccer player, world champion, recently retired tennis player, and entirely devoted to his new life as a businessman and ex-husband of Shakira, has not given up his enthusiasm for poker. If he played before he put up his boots, he plays much more today.

The Spaniard, instead of being in Qatar to watch the World Cup, traveled to Prague to participate in the European Poker Tour, where he did not want to miss the €50,000 Super High Roller event, the most costly of the festival. This Sunday, Pique entered the halls of the Kings Casino to battle against a formidable field.

Sam Grafton is the leader in chips.

Pique, one of the top poker players on the globe, was able to survive for a considerable amount of time, but he was eliminated on the last stage of the night as the tournament’s short stack.

However, on Monday he took advantage of the late registration and won again, and he is now attempting to achieve fame with his second €50k bullet.

The current partial pot is €2,376,990, and the chipleader is none other than Sam Grafton with 1,672,000, a gigantic stack of 279 big blinds with which he dominates despite the fact that it will not be easy for him.

In the count are, among others, the Brazilians Rodrigo Seiji (second with 965,000 points) and Pablo Silva (452,000), Daniel Dvoress (926,000), Orpen Kisacikoglu (712,000), and the Spanish athletes Juan Pardo (566,000) and Sergio Aido (552,000).

Here you may see the live broadcast.

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  • I think the text is informing us that Gerard Piqué, the former soccer player, is currently competing in the European Poker Tour in Prague. Despite being eliminated once, he is making a comeback and trying to achieve success in the tournament.

  • Addison.pacocha

    This text discusses Gerard Piqué’s participation in the European Poker Tour in Prague, where he competes in the €50,000 High Roller event. Despite being eliminated on the last stage of the night, Piqué took advantage of late registration and is attempting to achieve fame with a second €50k bullet.

  • It appears that Gerard Piqué is enjoying his time competing in the European Poker Tour in Prague, despite being a former soccer player and now focused on his businesses. He has already made a strong showing in the tournament and is continuing to compete for a chance at winning the €50,000 High Roller event.

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