PGAT: Omaha, soccer tournament, and Day 1D of the Main Event

PGAT PANAMA There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

On Thursday, the PGAT Panama action resumes at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino with the fourth opening flight of the Main Event.

There is Omaha, a soccer event, and Day 1D of the Main Event on the PGA Tour.

The Poker Grand Adventure Tour (PGAT) 2023 continues with PokerBROS as the festival’s official sponsor. On Thursday, the on- and off-table action will continue.

Day 1D of the Main Event at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino in Panama City will continue the battle for the $1,200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Garcia was the chip leader on Day 1B of the PGAT Panama’s Main Event.

In addition, there will be an Omaha Battle with an additional $30,000 in guaranteed prize money, and a spectacular mini-soccer event will give entertainment outside the felt.

As if that weren’t enough, CodigoPoker is providing official coverage of the entire festival with liveblog in several of the tournaments and live stream in the most important ones, with Santi Gonzalez as the host, as well as the best notes and multimedia content so that you don’t miss a single detail.

On the official website of the PGAT Panama, the whole schedule, tournament structure, and general information may be found.

The PGAT program on Panama Day


Miniature soccer competition 14:00 – Main Event $1,200,000 Guaranteed – Day 1C

Buy-in: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Rebuy: US$1,750 – 40,000pts

Blinds: 40 Minutes

Late registration: 10 levels

19:00 Omaha Battle – US$30K GTD

Buy-in: US$500 – 30,000pts

Rebuy: US$500 – 30,000pts

Blinds: 30 minutes

  • Late registration: 8 levels

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  • This text appears to be advertising the PGAT Panama event, which includes a soccer competition, the Main Event on the PGA Tour, and a poker tournament sponsored by PokerBROS. It also mentions additional events such as an Omaha Battle and provides information about the schedule and buy-ins.

  • Erdman.mohammed

    This text seems to be promoting the PGAT Panama event, highlighting various activities such as the Main Event, Omaha Battle, and a mini-soccer competition. The presence of sponsors and coverage by CodigoPoker adds to the overall experience, making it an enticing event for participants and spectators.

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