Joo Pedro Biancolini wins the Main Event Low of the New Year Series and collects US$153 million.

Joao Pedro Biancolini had an outstanding performance at the PokerStars New Year Series on Thursday, December 17. After defeating 11,786 opponents in the final of the Event 125-L $109 NL Hold’em Main Event, he ascended to the top of the podium and won $153,442. Bruno Dellas finished the race in fourth place and was awarded $55,576. Carlos Ribeiro (6th) and Vinicius Perri (8th) earned $28,240 and $14,349, respectively, shortly before.

In Event 138-M: $109 NL On Tuesday’s Hold’em Super Tournament, Lucas “Portella1990” Portella yelled and won $30,199. “TakeZITO1” finished in fifth place, earning $7,797. The competition had 1,836 participants.

In Event 137-M: $22 NL The choice in Hold’em was between green and yellow. While “MrProphanus” received $12,860 for the bracelet, “g88r1e1” won $8,979 as the runner-up. In contrast, Marlon Pinto earned bronze and $5,129.

Event 138-H of the New Year Series features a $1,050 NL event. On Tuesday’s Hold’em Super, Pedro “gusmaa” Madeira placed seventh and won $8,987. Gabriel “gabsdrogba” Schroeder received $6,607 for finishing in eighth place.

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  • This text provides a summary of the results from various poker events, highlighting the winnings of different players. Additionally, it promotes the Suprema Poker application, encouraging readers to download and start playing.

  • Tyrell.feeney

    This text highlights the achievements and winnings of various players in different events of the PokerStars New Year Series. It also promotes the Suprema Poker application for iOS, Android, and PC, encouraging readers to download and start playing.

  • Heber.schaefer

    This text provides details about the performances of various players in PokerStars New Year Series events, including their earnings and rankings. It promotes the Suprema Poker application for players to download and start playing on iOS, Android, or PC.

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