Joo Pedro Biancolini wins the Main Event Low of the New Year Series and collects US$153 million.

Joao Pedro Biancolini had an outstanding performance at the PokerStars New Year Series on Thursday, December 17. After defeating 11,786 opponents in the final of the Event 125-L $109 NL Hold’em Main Event, he ascended to the top of the podium and won $153,442. Bruno Dellas finished the race in fourth place and was awarded $55,576. Carlos Ribeiro (6th) and Vinicius Perri (8th) earned $28,240 and $14,349, respectively, shortly before.

In Event 138-M: $109 NL On Tuesday’s Hold’em Super Tournament, Lucas “Portella1990” Portella yelled and won $30,199. “TakeZITO1” finished in fifth place, earning $7,797. The competition had 1,836 participants.

In Event 137-M: $22 NL The choice in Hold’em was between green and yellow. While “MrProphanus” received $12,860 for the bracelet, “g88r1e1” won $8,979 as the runner-up. In contrast, Marlon Pinto earned bronze and $5,129.

Event 138-H of the New Year Series features a $1,050 NL event. On Tuesday’s Hold’em Super, Pedro “gusmaa” Madeira placed seventh and won $8,987. Gabriel “gabsdrogba” Schroeder received $6,607 for finishing in eighth place.

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