Before the WSOP in 2024, Shaun Deeb must lose 17% of his body fat in order to cash in on a $1,000,000 prize.

Poker pro Shaun Deeb has accepted Bill Perkins’ challenge in the hopes of winning a million dollars. If he wants to win $1 million at the WSOP in 2024, he has to reduce his body fat percentage to 17% or below. The chances of this happening are 10 to 1.

Deeb will have to pay $100k if he falls short of the target. Due to Doug Polk’s loss on a similar wager in February, Perkins was able to cash in for $200,000.

Polk needed to cut his body fat in half in a year, and he only got down to 15.1%, falling short by 1.3%.

Deeb, who is 6’2″ tall, weighs 138 right now. The grinder will soon be undergoing diagnostics to determine his body mass index.

The prop bets have gone crazy. Despite Deeb’s aversion to working out, Dan Smith is ready to risk $100,000 on his friend’s success in a bet.

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  • Champlin.freeman

    The text provides an overview of a challenge between poker pro Shaun Deeb and Bill Perkins, where Deeb aims to reduce his body fat percentage to 17% or below to win a million dollars. It also mentions the previous challenge involving Doug Polk and the involvement of other individuals in betting on Deeb’s success.

  • Cummerata.destiny

    I think the text highlights the competitive and high-stakes world of professional poker players making physical challenges. It shows the commitment and risks involved in these prop bets and the potential for significant financial rewards. It will be interesting to see if Shaun Deeb can successfully meet the target and win the million-dollar bet.

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