At PokerOK, you may modify your game alias.

Новогодний подарок от ПокерОК — до 7 января игроки могут сменить никнейм

For the New Year’s holiday, PokerOK provided its players a rather unique gift: the ability to alter their game’s moniker. Rarely is this an option, and just a few poker rooms let customers to alter their moniker once per specified time period.

A few clicks are required to modify your nickname on PokerOK. To do this, launch the poker software and go to “My game profile.” In the right portion of the window, you will see your existing game name and a field for entering a new one.

Simply input the appropriate moniker and confirm the modifications. A few seconds later, the name will be altered.

This will enable you to begin a “new profession” and blend in with tens of thousands of other poker players. The most important aspect of this function is that all opponent color notes and SmartHUD data will be kept. On monitoring sites such as SharkScope, however, a new user’s chart will begin from beginning.

On PokerOK, changing your nickname is optional, so players are free to preserve their previous moniker or discover a more interesting one. It may be modified until the 7th of January at 02:59 Moscow time.

ELO Ranking

The ELO Spin & Gold rating is a brand-new feature on PokerOK. It is a rating system that ranks players on the basis of their abilities and win rate, ignoring factors such as money and wins. Chess, table games, and cyber sports all employ a similar system.

The new option just displays the player’s ability level and has no effect on the game. In the poker room’s lobby, you may see your own rating as well as the status of other players. There are a total of seven rating levels, and the designation of Grand Master is conferred to the top 100 poker players in the TOP-100 Raking.

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  • This text is discussing the option provided by PokerOK for players to change their game moniker and introducing a new rating system called ELO Spin & Gold. Players can change their nickname until January 7th and the ELO rating system ranks players based on their skill level, regardless of money or wins.

  • This text is announcing a unique feature offered by PokerOK where players can change their game nickname during the New Year holiday. Additionally, they have introduced a new ELO rating system to rank players based on their abilities and win rate.

  • I think it’s interesting that PokerOK allowed players to change their game moniker as a New Year’s gift. The ELO Spin & Gold rating system is another unique feature that ranks players based on their abilities rather than wins or money. It’s an interesting way to add a new dimension to the game.

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