Andres Jeckeln placed second in the 2023 HR at the BSOP in Sao Paulo.

In 2022, Gaucho Marcus Borges won the 1-Day High Roller at BSOP So Paulo, and in 2023, he won it again. Andres Jeckeln finished in second place.

After nearly 15 hours of play, he successfully defended his title and won the BRL 8,000 buy-in tournament early on Thursday (30) March.

Andres Jeckeln came in second.

Borges beat out a total of 140 competitors to claim victory and a reward of R$ 227,500. He won the final match against Andres Jeckeln of Argentina, who took home R$ 155,000 as the winner. Finally, José Carlos Barbosa came in third and took home R$ 102,400.

High Roller Winners and Prizes

First prize: R$ 227.500 for Marcus Borges.

Second place, Argentina’s Andrés Jeckeln – R$ 155,000

Third place: R$ 102,400 for José Carlos Barbosa

Fourth place: R$ 84,300 for Serafim Bento.

Number Five: R$ 67,750 for Fábio Murakami

Sixth place, André Berlanda, R$ 53,000

Seventh place: David Dayan (R$ 39,800)

R$ 29,350 8 Vincius Pinheiro

Fredwillian Viana – 22.7 thousand Brazilian reals

Images and source: SuperPoker

About the BSOP 2023 in Sao Paulo

The WTC Sheraton, home to the renowned “ballrooms,” once again plays host to BSOP. From March 29th through April 4th, there will be a lot of poker at this event, which boasts a high-level structure and a number of scheduling innovations. The BSOP stages in So Paulo are usually exciting to see because of the large crowds and generous awards.

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